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    sucylwa, 12 august 2019 18:45

    Soul Calibur MMO "MySoul" Leveling up tips

    Before I start please do note that the tasks for this game will take you DAYS even if you play it as efficiently as you can. For context I've been playing for about 5 days and just now have been close to finishing the first task. Honestly there are better ways to get gems than this game but if you still want to do it or if its the only game with tasks that you can do then the least I can do is impart my limited knowledge of this game to ease the burden of this task of grinding for others. Do note that this isn't a comprehensive guide.

    The game starts you off by just shoving you into the game and on auto-mode, no tutorial or anything. Fortunately the auto-mode is there to both make it so you're not wandering around not knowing what to do and to make grinding in this knockoff game at the very least bearable. You'll notice that the number values in this game (required XP, Silver currency, etc.) quickly go to the thousands and then to the millions. You'll get the impression that you'll never run out and that you'll earn stuff really quickly but once you reach a level wall, about Level 55-60 or so, that's when its the complete opposite case.

    .Here are some tips to help in both the confusion of new players and to guide players to get more EXP efficiently.

    The interface
    This is where most of your EXP earning opportunities are, for brevity I've generalized it a bit.
    Red - When exploring the interface you may come across the term "Recharge" around. Recharge means buying premium currency and I wouldn't recommend it if you just want the gems. All in red involve spending real money.

    Blue - Things that may increase your stats and equipment though not by a lot or consistently. Gold Rush and Carnival are little "mini games" you can play daily with limited chances. Some quests aren't as rewarding as others so I suggest using "Wipe Out" which is basically an auto-complete, some wipe outs are free while others are paid.

    Green - The best ways to get EXP, very briefly:

    • Pray - Get free Silver everyday
    • Arena - Click on people with a lower BR number than yours and get stuff
    • Boss - Bosses take a while to kill but reward you with EXP
    • Quest - EXP Quest is the best one for leveling, you get two chances a day and be sure to use and buy as much XP multipliers at the bottom right once you're in the quest. The other quests are mainly for raising stats and don't reliably get you that much XP in comparison
    • Events - The very best way to get EXP. It will show here when events will happen and to join them when they do. Almost any event will give you a big chunk to your EXP bar so check when they will happen. It won't show your relative timezone so just count how many hours it is relative to when the last event happened
    • Benefit - The other best way to get EXP. You can get EXP for time being offline, time being online, and among other things the most rewarding one is Resource Retrieval where you will get rewards for doing stuff the day before. Doing the event Bloody Battle the day before will get you 80 Million EXP (but you have to pay silver to get resource retrieval so save it for this)
    You won't get access to all these on the get go but you will relatively quickly if you level up with auto mode.

    Tasks - Which are different from Quests. Click on the yellow words to auto-pathfind/battle. Every day you get daily, hunt, and escort tasks, always get the most rewards from dailies by increasing the stars and selecting 2x rewards. As you can see here you can't continue doing main quests when you reach a level wall until you level up.


    While the top right buttons in the interface help you in getting materials to improve stats, the ones in purple are the ones that actually improve your stats in one way or another. Explore around them
    1. If you see this have a notification it means you can level up your fashion thing if you're confused on what's causing the notification
    2. You can level stuff up in this without it having a notification thing
    3. The EXP valley is were you'll go if you afk for 5 minutes or if you click this. You will automatically grind enemies for EXP slowly here without your input. To maximize gains check the map (M) head to the highest level enemies then click auto battle and use an XP multiplier.
    4. You can buy stuff here with clan points you get from redeeming medals.
    Other tips
    • You can generally be afk in this game and it will still net you EXP without much of your input, just check back in from time to time
    • ALWAYS use EXP multipliers which you can buy from EXP Quest
    • If you've done all the tasks that can be done just go to the EXP valley and afk and check back from time to time if new things appear. You get more EXP from this than from offline EXP
    • Just generally check stuff that has the red notification, this isn't a comprehensive guide so you don't have to follow it by word
    Good luck.

    Rate this article Soul Calibur MMO "MySoul" Leveling up tips

    (4.35/5) 66 rates

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    Soul Calibur MMO "MySoul" Leveling up tips

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