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    (4.5/5) 36 rates
    Kloopi, 28 april 2018 02:47

    Super easy way how to earn 10 Soul Gems

    Do you need quick 10 Soul Gems? This game is exactly for you.

    Adventure with Misty is a very simple mobile adventure game and simple is also how to get 10 free Soul Gems. Go to the games menu here on gamehag and select Adventure with Misty (currently it is the last game in the offer so you will find it easly) and select you want to download it. You need to have Android phone, I am not sure if you can

    If you have Google account properly set up and your password filled, you will only need to select your phone and the game will be instantly downloaded to your phone after you will click on the download button. The download will be finished in a few seconds or minutes depending onn how quick is internet on your phone. Once you have it on your phone, simply open it and play it. Before the game is downloaded to you phone, you can also start to install War Thunder or some other game from the offering which will give you hundreds of Soul Gems but you will also have to dedicate to it much more time than you will dedicate to Adventure with Misty.

    Why? Because it is super simple game but still with nice graphic which even your kid can play if you have some:) Oh my god 2500 characters limit to this article seems to be more than I expected :).

    Anyway, back to Adventure with Misty. All you need to do to get your 10 fast Soul Gems is to reach level 4 which can be completed really in couple of minutes. And that is it, nothig more. Really.

    So how to get it? Just move and jump through the game desktops and try to avoid dragon flames and do not fall! Thats it. Every couple levels you need to kill boss by jumpig to his head but as you only need to only reach level 4, you can do it only once. Also you need to  collect small green ingame Soul Gems but to be hones, I dont know what are those for so maybe you don't need to collect them ;).

    In each level you have 3 lives and you can repeat each level as many times as you want so don't wory. You will handle it and you will handle it very fast. Believe me, this is the easist way how to get 10 Soul Gems almost instantly. After reaching level 4 you need to simply click on TASK in main menu, submit you gamehag user name and voila, 10 Soul Gems is instantly added to your account. If you like the game, you can continue to play it vut I think you will say bye bye to it, after you complete the task. ;)

    PS: If you want to know more about background of Misty, simply visit this link: https://gamehag.com/aboutus

    I hope you like this simple of review of Adventure with Misty. If yes, feel free to give it a like. Thank you.

    Rate this article Super easy way how to earn 10 Soul Gems

    (4.5/5) 36 rates

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    Adventure with Misty

    Adventure with Misty is a free arcade game in which you play the role of the witch Misty, your assistant from the Gamehag portal.This time, however, Misty will not be able to help you to get free rewards.In the game you will face frightening adversities. Avoid the deadly spikes and the dragon fire, collect the Soul Gems so they ...


    nice game lol

    18 december 2020 07:58

    Code Plas

    17 april 2020 18:52

    thanks for the tips now i can earn more soul gems now

    7 january 2021 14:59

    what is this

    22 march 2020 21:35

    cuz to me it did not fo some reason

    2 june 2020 17:12

    Nice games for pkay

    15 february 2020 22:15

    You're not only earning 10 Soul Gems. You gain experience too.

    9 january 2019 09:28

    Good game very cool

    20 november 2019 16:27

    Error user not foundd I would be thankful if u fix this

    20 june 2020 19:06

    I download the game, i played 6 levels but i don t get anything and its dont put on giveaway

    11 october 2019 01:32