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    SpagettiJoe, 27 april 2018 21:27

    CS:GO - everything you need to know

    If you have just bought CS:GO and want to know how the game works, or even if you just have a question about the game, here is a full guide about everything you need to know about CS:GO.
    Things in the guide:
    - Basic overview of the game
    -Game modes
    -steam market,trading,gambling,etc
    -skins,conditions,how to get
    -how diffrent guns work
    -Competitive play and how it works (from what we know)
    -Super importent tips and tricks

    CS:GO is a FPS (First Person Shooter) game created in 2012 and is still one of the most played games on steam.
    You pair up with a random team as terrorists (T) or counter terrorists (CT) and work together in several diffrent game modes to stop the other team.
    As the terrorists in most game modes you have to work as a team to get to a bomb site (Site A or site B located on the map), plant your bomb which a random player from your team will get at the start of each round and detonate it.
    As counter terrorists you have to stop the terrorists from planting the bomb, by waiting until the timer runs out, or by killing all of the enemy team.
    -Game modes:
    Deathmatch - Pick if you want to be T or CT and jump into a match to just kill as many of the other team as possible in 10 minutes.
    All guns are free in deathmatch and can be bought in a short amout of time after spawning/match start.
    after the 10 minute clock runs out the match will be over and show the top 3 players with the most points as the winners.
    War games - 3 mini game modes to play for fun in the game:
    Arms Race - kill each other with a random gun and get new guns by killing other players, 2 kills levels your up and gives you a diffrent gun.
    Who ever reaches the top rank,gets the golden knife and then kill someone with it is the winner.
    Demolition - Work as a team to plant a bomb or to stop the enemy team from planting the bomb, in this mode there is only one planting site.
    Flying Scoutman - Eliminate your opponents  while having high mobility.
    Casual - The classic CS:GO game mode, work as a team to eliminate the enemy team or plant/stop the enemy team from planting the bomb.
    Wingman - Basically like a mini competitive game, group up with a small team to eliminate the enemy team or plant/stop the enemy team from planting the bomb.
    About competitive we will talk about in its own session.

    -The steam market,Trading and Gambling

    CS:GO is problemly the game that the community uses the market for the most.
    Some skins can be worth hundreds up to thousands of dollars, which made the community make Trading,lotto and gambling websites for skins.
    There are a few ways you can throw some money and try your luck:
    Crates - you acn get crates as drop items from games,or buy them from the market, and then buy keys to open them.
    A case key costs around 2.5$ and crates up to 0.25$ on the market.
    You can get from cases skins for diffrent guns from diffrent collections.
    You might get a skin thats worth 0.1$ or a knife which can cost up to 1500$!
    Personally I wouldent reccomend opening cases, its a waste of money and 99% of the time you will get worthless skins.

    Gambling - The community of CS:GO has created quiet a lot of website where you can gamble in so many diffrent ways like a real casino.
    Some websites have created thier own cases where you throw some money and open, such as skinhub.
    Or websites where you can gamble for real,in real time between people,coin flipping, betting skins,etc.
    Also personally I wouldent reccomend

    Rate this article CS:GO - everything you need to know

    (4.14/5) 14 rates

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    very helpful !! good article

    30 april 2020 00:42


    18 may 2019 12:33

    thanks nice guide

    22 december 2020 08:09

    Helpful! I learnt a lot!!!

    6 may 2020 13:53

    Almsot evreyone knows about the basics of csgo, maybe a detailed article

    4 february 2021 07:27

    Almsot evreyone knows about the basics of csgo, maybe a detailed article about utility or strategy execution will be raelly helpful but great work anyways,

    21 may 2020 16:00

    very helpfull

    25 april 2020 09:10

    Hello fellow mates! whats your fav map in csgo?

    26 july 2020 20:26

    pretty helpfull

    6 march 2021 11:43

    pretty helpfull

    5 may 2019 20:59