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    Rate this article "A first person Arena Shooter Game - Toxikk [Steam]"

    (4.7/5) 10 rates
    noobda, 28 april 2018 21:37

    A first person Arena Shooter Game - Toxikk [Steam]

    This game is developed with Unreal Engine 3, and is a first person shooter game which is quite heavily graphic intense and the fact that this game is targetting arena shooter games is quite amusing.... This game has both paid and a free to play versions, and the free version of this game is not like a DEMO but instead the free version is quite fun to play around with. If you're going to try out the game then its quite nice that they have a free version of the game which is not a demo but also unlocks all the maps in it.

    Lets find out more about thisg game in detail....

    This game so called Toxikk, pronounced as 'Toxic' is basically a first person shooter game which is quite fabulous in terms of graphics and the gameplay. The fact that they also have a free version of the game which has all the maps is nice, for anyone who wants to try out the game, they can now completely check out every single aspect of the game and decide whether to buy the game or not. Now a days many games are releasing Closed Betas, Open Betas, and even DEMOs which only give access to some of the main features and sometimes full features but for a limited time. But this time around for this game there is even a free version of the game which is available on Steam store to play alongside its paid counterpart. The game is only available for windows via Steam store as of now but may be ported to consoles depending on the popularity, the game certainly looks like a crysis game but its quite different in many ways...

    Lets go through some gameplay details about this TOXIKK game, sure it does look like playing a game which is a crossover of DOOM and CRYSIS but it isn't quite that much of either games, its just a simple first person shooter game. To speak in general the free version of the game is a complete release instead of the paid version, if you're quite generous and want to help out the developers then its quite nice to get the paid version of this game, and to be precise the free version only lacks the custom workshop content, and server hosting, map editor, some achievements, that's all the difference between the paid version and free version....

    Lets check out some steam information about this game from its store page....

    • Single Player Mode
    • Multi player game mode with LAN and Online
    • Online Multi player and matchmaking
    • Co-op on LAN and co-op missions
    • Online Co-op Mode
    • Release Date: 11th September, 2016
    • Developer: Reakktor Studios
    • Publisher: Reakktor Studios
    • Engine used: Unreal Engine 3
    • Mostly Positive reviews overall
    • Has Steam Achievements [A total of 60 Achievements available]
    • The main thing, this game is Valve Anti-Cheat enabled
    • Has Steam Leaderboards
    • Includes Level editor [For the paid version, this feature isn't available for free version gamers]
    • Has partial controller support
    • Has Steam Workshop content [Again, this feature is for the paid users of the game]

    The weapons and the hud look similar to many tech savvy games from the past but this game is based on Unreal Engine so this might be a great experience in terms of snappy and smooth multi player experience overall. Either way this game requires some decent hardware to be able to play this game at respectable frame rates. This game is quite fun to play with friends [if any], and yeah there is this co-op mode which is cool as well. Lets find out the minimum system requirements to run this game at bare playable frame rates...

    > A Dual Core processor with 2GHz or more [A Quad core processor is recommended]
    > 4 GB of RAM is required to run this game alongside steam client
    > A decent graphics card is a must to play this game as Intel HD graphics just won't do the job here, else you'll have to compromise at many things including some lag and fps dips while gaming
    > The game occupies somewhere around 4.5GB

    So, does this game live up to the hype that its some how related to Unreal Tournament, but the fact is that this isn't related to Unreal Tournament but the same engine is used for both the games, so you might feel right at home while playing this game in terms of graphics and textures... The maps and environment sure does look excellent....

    This game can be said to be free as the free version has almost all the required features in it which make the free vesion of the game almost complete to play. There are no pay-to-win things in the game which is a bonus considering that this game even has a paid version, which justifies everything suspicious about the game having two versions. This game is a fun to play and overall a pretty decent game to play either multi player or co-op, or single campaign missions if you're lonely... 

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A first person Arena Shooter Game - Toxikk [Steam]

    (4.7/5) 10 rates


    steam reccomended this game a lot

    11 june 2018 00:53