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    Rate this article "A compact Action RPG Rouge-like Game - The Swords of Ditto [Steam]"

    (3.5/5) 6 rates
    noobda, 28 april 2018 22:46

    A compact Action RPG Rouge-like Game - The Swords of Ditto [Steam]

    The genre of action RPGs is quite low but there are only a few RPGs which are as popular as other genre of games, but it'll be unfair to compare the game of this genre with other genres, as this makes a lot of sense not to. This game is called as The Swords of Ditto, well soem might know the Ditto from the following symbol " but this game has funny characters in it which make up to the rouge like action RPG game that's it is.

    Lets find out about this Rouge-Like RPG The Swords of Ditto....

    The Swords of Ditto:
    This game is an Action RPG game which is not for all sorts of gamers to some extent, this genre requires some pre knowledge about these genres before you actually start playing the game. The main character in this game is quite cute and the way the battle goes on will definitely make you complete the game once you start playing the game. Did I mention that the villian in this game is quite termed as The Evil MOMO, this is something more funny about this character. There are many heroes and characters in this game to play with your friends [if any] as this game has a co-op mode to meddle with. Lets check out some screenshots of the game....

    Lets go through some information from steam store about this game....

    • Single Player Game
    • Local Co-op mode available
    • Co-op mode also available with Local Split screen/shared screen
    • Has full controller support [which means you can plug in any gamepad with xinput or a gamepad with xbox controls and it'll work just fine as if its a real xbox controller]
    • Release Date: 24th April, 2018
    • Mixed Reviews as of now, as the game is released this month these numbers may stabilize in a while
    • Developer: onebitbeyond [seriously a nice name to come up with]
    • Publisher: Devolver Digital
    • Game tagged as Rouge-like and Action Adventure game
    • Game has steam cloud saves
    • Has Steam Achievements [A total of 20 achievements available]
    • This game is a mix of rouge like and action adventure games in an old fashioned way

    The above screenshot is from the gameplay itself and its quite nice to have an action rouge-like game which is RPG in the sense. The game is also available for Play Station 4 somehow, which explains the console portability of indie games. So, will this rouge like game run on my PC, well this game sure does look like a pretty normal game with no to medium graphics intensity but the thing is it all depends on the hardware... Lets find out....

    > The game requires an Intel i5 processor or equivalent CPU which is quad core... The AMD equivalent like the Phenom 9850 Quad is necessary or better than that
    > 4 GB of RAM is necessary but it highly recommended to have around 8GB as this game must run alongside steam
    > The graphics in this game are quite simple but they do require a dedicated GPU to be able to boot at their full might, but you can always run this game with Intel HD graphics with some minute compromises here and there with resolution and the quality of the graphics and textures
    > The game occupies around 1GB of storage space on the hard disk
    > It requires Directx version 9.0
    > The bare minimum graphics cards that are required are Nvidia GTX460 or AMD Radeon HD 6850 both of which  are 1Gig cards from the past
    > Have to mention that some integrated GPUs might not able to run the game at all, you'll have to try switching the graphics processor if you tend to have that issue

    This game is still new on the market and getting to a conclusion if quite unfair comparing other games that are quire optimized and fun to play which are also in the same genre. These games need some time until they fix the game once they make a final release as there might be many optimization fixes up their sleeve, so being patient and waiting for the game to fix if there are any issues is better. Coming to this particular game, The Swords of Ditto, is quite finished product but the game is a Action Adventure RPG which is intended to be a rouge-like game and to do so it has some clear and nice fast paced action sequences in the game... Overall a nice to play game for quite a while until you get bored of rouge likes....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A compact Action RPG Rouge-like Game - The Swords of Ditto [Steam]

    (3.5/5) 6 rates


    Played the game but i was not really interested

    10 september 2019 19:43