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    (5/5) 8 rates
    noobda, 31 october 2017 18:05

    Super Crate Box [Steam Game] - Review

    Super Crate Box is an Arcade Game which is the best smallest games on steam right now... Well, it shows that it requires 100MB HDD space but I guess its somewhere around below 20MB... The best old style DAVE game, if you can remember but instead this is just combat type DAVE game with different weapons and different characters... Enjoy the review :)

    PS intro: Don't get carried away with the thumbnail, the game is retro style and indie Arcade game...

    The game Super Crate Box is an awesome game, well it just requires up/down/left/right arrow keys along with 'Z' which is the fire key for the weapon.... 
    So, some details of the game itself:

    • Single-Player, ofcourse
    • The game is available for Windows, STEAM OS[ubuntu/linux based also], MAC OS... which is pretty good
    • No trading cards
    • No steam achievements
    • No steam cloud, if you play on a different PC then you'll start a new game obviously... but who cares, its the smallest game for time-pass
    • FREE game, not even free-to-play, well if you know the difference! [this game has no micro-transactions at all]

    Super Crate Box, this game is developed by Vlambeer, an independent Dutch game dev studio whose Headquarters is located at Netherlands. They are famous for their Arcade games since a long time... Well, this is the game which is super addictive and FUN.... yes, it is fun once you hop in-game....

    FUN Fact: This game after installing takes 3-6 seconds to launch, and even faster sometimes... provided you hit the enter from the start of the game

    About the game itself, this game has a mere three levels/stages, call it whatever you like, but only the first level is unlocked at the beginning but as you play along to collect some crates and progress in collecting number of crates, you eventually unlock characters and weapons and yeah, also the next stages...

    1st stage

    2nd stage

    3rd stage

    As you progress in the game, you'll notice that you're good enough to play this on any potato PC, yes this game runs at 60fps on any patato PC for sure... The retro style and addicting game is powered by many weapons which change as you collect the crates in the game while playing... Make sure you hit the monsters that start spawning at the top of each stage which come in your way while grabbing the crates...

    I play this game on windows as well as ubuntu, what I noticed is that this game is pretty fast in windows version which automatically makes the game a bit harder to play, and while on ubuntu the game is quite a bit slower (just a bit) which makes easier to play xD

    And, this game has three modes,
    Normal Unlocks after collecting 10 crates in one go
    Hard Unlocks after collecting 40 crates in one go, pretty hard but is possible after playing for sometime for sure

    So, to conclude, this game is super fun and time killer while you take a break from your AAA titles or competitive games for a while. Just like the good 'ol days, this game reminds of many child hood memories and awesome days where we used to play DAVE and SUPER MARIO all the time... 

    Rate this article Super Crate Box [Steam Game] - Review

    (5/5) 8 rates


    Nice article...the game has retro looks.

    31 august 2021 15:19