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    (5/5) 2 ratings
    bracaja, 2 november 2017 02:06

    Milford Heaven - Luken's Chronicles

    First of all, Milford Heaven - Luken's Chronicles has a tutorial, and I really like when games include tutorials before all the madness unleashes. It is small and basic, but enough to introduce a gamer to the main features game has to offer, and from there you are on your own. The game has familiar mechanics with moving from screen to screen in order to explore the environment. Kill enemies and gather resources which will help you progres through the screens.

    Combat is something that I am not so used to - it is based on insainly clicking the enemies untill they are dead. As I said, I am very slow so I had some issues there. And also, it doesn't help when damn enemies start running around with super speed on your screen.

    Luckily, as u progress through levels and find better armor and weapons it gets easier to kill things, which you can do in 1-5 hits (unless they are moving, in which case you might need 20+ hitsclicks for a single mob (!!??), and that is if you have enough health). Health can be an issue in the game as it can only be replenished through potions and by leveling. Potions do not give you too much HP back, sou you will need a lot od those to get back to full health if you took a lot of hits.

    Good thing is that there are save points, although they are not that common and can be found in most unusual places.

    There is not much to say about technical details. This is a simple indie game, hack and slash adventure, with RPG elements. Graphics are simple but cute at the same time. You can bump in to some bugs from time to time, but nothing too big that should prevent progressing through the game.

    For my taste, map is is a bit small and confusing. I really had some dificulties finding the right path or door to progress to the next screen, often finding myself running through areas I alreay cleared. But that is just me, maybe it won't be a big issue for other players. Also it can be very frustrating when you get to the save point, make a great big progres through the levels (with inventory full of crap that you can not use yet) in the next 15 to 20 minutes, but then you die and have to do all that again. Duh!

    I would definitely recommend Milford Heaven - Luken's Chronicles to the gamers that like rogue-like, point and click adventures with simple graphics and mechanics. For me, it was a lot of fun, frustration, swearing and kicking stuff from time to time ;)

    Rate this article Milford Heaven - Luken's Chronicles

    (5/5) 2 ratings


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