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    (3.25/5) 8 rates
    bluguy, 31 october 2017 17:33

    Did you know Left 4 dead 2

    hello guys today i will be talking about a amazing zombie game made by valve called left 4 dead 2

    well left 4 dead 2 is the sequel from left 4 dead a Fps zombie game made by valve at 2009, were you can play many mode as:
    you are one of four suvivors of the zombie apocalipse who is left behind by the evacs helicopters and now you have to go to the last safe city in USA , what take you to cross the entier country passing by malls, citys, amusement park ,sugar factorys, boats..... yep you walk a lot. every campain have at least 4 stages and to pass by that stages you have to get inside a safe house(a place with guns,ammo and medkits.
    versus: you can play as a survivor just like casual but some players are playing as infected and they have to kill you before you get to the safe house.afther you get inside of the safe house or all your team die is your turn to play as a special infected what makes you a hunter,a jokey, a charger, a bommer, a smoker,a splinter or (if you are a luck guy)a tank a special infected realy fast who can trow cars and rocks in the survivors 
    in this mode will came infinite zombies to try kill you and you have to try your best to suvive the longest time as you can 
    well i will not cover the history of this game because gameha..... because i tink you have to see by yourself but now lets see the points
    its cheap 
    you can download terry crews to be the tank 
    One of the best zombie games out there
    The steam workshop support for this game is insane, you can literally find anything in there made by some crazy people
    Online multiplayer is still thriving to this day after 8 years
    A.I. Director 2.0 does a great job with the coordination of the zombies
    Play as the survivor, OR play as the infected and destroy your friends
    Replay value is very high, even considering the repetitiveness 
    Steam achievements provide some extra challenges for you
    Controller and mouse & keyboard friendly, allows some good co-op action
    However, the A.I. Director 2.0 does sometimes act stupid for your survivor allies
    Hitboxes for survivors are a little weird for some infected characters. The Jockey has a tough time latching on to characters at times, as does the Charger less frequently
    Reptitive gameplay no matter what mode you play. Shoot zombies, move on to the next area, shoot zombies, move on to another area

    Rate this article Did you know Left 4 dead 2

    (3.25/5) 8 rates


    i play tht game all the time

    16 february 2020 14:46

    I am hunter :)

    7 april 2020 10:10

    awesome game for coop

    17 september 2020 11:51

    i play that game all the time

    10 december 2020 22:04

    i see this game and its isnt special

    22 february 2020 21:38