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    bluguy, 31 october 2017 16:55

    Did you know enter the gundeon

    hello guys today i will be talking about a very funny game called enter the gundeon

    Enter The Gungeonas a game that made me two replica: surprise, and anger!
    Yes, for the game, genre Rogue-Like, which normally makes agent expect frantic games and with a good deal of difficulty, in the first instants captivates a lot, for its narrative background is so good, for the artistic design of the game, which refers Everything to the bullets and weapons of cartonnage and humorous form - that are of all the points of production by a signal and by a product, a sound pixel art beautiful and well animated.
    What's new, I'm causing confusion. Because? The blessed one of difficulty. Dying, as in Dark Souls, is a normal thing. And that's a little hard to get into my head. "Well, what if I'm super careful, and to the maximum extent possible not to go into risky situations and focus on the gameplay to do well in any situation? There's no way I should die!"
    Do not.
    It will die yes. No matter how bold, a game, the game will always find a way to put the stack or the situation where losing life is inevitable - therefore, soon loses life.

    Well, after dying soon you notice that the game does not record any apparent progress on your journey. And then? Sense of time wasting. "Hell, I was so careful, I got so far ... until I got past the damn Boss. Was it all down the road?" YES.

    For anyone who is already a Demon lover, Dark Souls or Bloodborne this paradigm has already developed been broken. In these games, a death and a natural system of the game. He was actually made to be hindered, and make you die. But the cruelest thing of all is to die, and to lose EVERYTHING, without NOTHING to have left to help you in the next life.

    It gave me a rage and a big hand to try to amuse myself again with ETG.

    That simple.

    Of course, I played with a friend at home (only local multiplayer saw..triste ...) and even it was fun to present the game to him. We managed to advance a few floors but always with endings of taste "well, lost time and nothing enabled ... died is game about not full sense of expression ...".

    Well, in these games with my friend I noticed that there were NPCs that should be saved. And that they result in services that include helping us in future incursions. "Oops, I see here some form of progressivity?" Apparently yes.

    One thing that is not "recorded" after his last death and the rescue of NPCs.
    That ultimately, by enabling various services that help in the pursuit of adventurers.
    Or unlock a little shop, or a little guy who, with the right materials, can build short cuts between chambers, one that pays rewards for death an amount of certain enemies, and so on.

    It breathes new life into me. "Well, dying is fine, it sucks, but if I can live then, until I get to an NPC, and save your life ... I can die here in my next life."

    After a few more hours, welcome, but what a good result is a problem, but remember to make each life meaningful.

    Strengths I can say about the game:

    Indus situations that stimulate the development of Skills:
    enter a room, and take a quick read of the environment to position itself during conflicts;
    shoot 'em, search walls and quinas to make "cloak", use barrels or chandeliers to silver groups of enemies ...
    learn to use a DRAW OF THE RIGHT MODE ... yes, getting an avoidance in the wrong way makes you end up with a lost life unnecessary ... going through bullets, and using to take the distance quickly are some good practices;
    Indus to situations where strategy uses is inevitable:
    after a few rooms, depending on how much life you've already lost, you start to prefer safer tactics, or ... depending on how much life is left over and how much of the dungeon misses exploit .. until you "reset" it, to save your time from one round almost lost ...
    Chests found along the way give rewards very welcome to tired adventurers ... and to open, need keys! They are found both during a campaign and in the sellers .. but all at a price, and as expensive times ...
    Each time you're an artist, you always have an analysis to know what to buy to help get you going. You do this analysis to see if it's going to last during or even after the boss ... and when you 

    Rate this article Did you know enter the gundeon

    (3.75/5) 4 ratings


    last goo play games

    21 june 2021 18:58