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    (4.43/5) 7 rates
    noobda, 31 october 2017 16:47

    Adventure Capitali$t [Steam Version] - Review

    Adventure Capitalist is a small clicker and indie game, probably one of the best smallest clicker games out there on steam....
    You may know this game from iOS and Android as this game also exists there. After March 2015 this game is available as a full game on steam for PC, and yes this game works well on windows, ubuntu (steam OS) and MAC too.... That's nice, isn't it!

    Well, I'll be describing a few moments about the game, kinda review...
    PS: its a quite a bit addicting if you're unemployed as this game features CASH

    Adventure Capitalist: The Game itself is a clicker game which has good optimization of time, yes it great for time-pass...
    Quick overview of the game from steam:

    • Free-to-play
    • Very positive reviews
    • Has Trading cards [But you won't get them by playing as this is a free game, you have to buy them]
    • Has steam cloud saves, this is a bonus for me, I play the game on both ubuntu and windows
    • Has Steam Achievements, of which some are EZ PZ, the rest are just quite hard, I mean require a lot of in-game time to get them
    • Single-player game, but it has some online events, like right now it has a Halloween event which will expire after some days obviously but gives you a badge if you play that event during that particular time...

    Now coming to the game play itself, did I mention that the game runs like butter even on a potato PC, yes, the game runs on 60fps even on a low-end machine...
    The plus side of that is that the game requires no graphics card, no excessive RAM usage, and yes no extreme CPU usage too, well this is just a mere 58MB game(approximately)

    The game some how looks like this,
    Ok, so well there are three maps, or three instances of the game running, earth, moon and mars

    You start on Earth with a lemonade stand to start you business with, you'll eventually unlock the Moon and Mars as you progress through the game... All you have to do is click on the amount after the lemonade and it'll give you that much amount to you, and I guess that's it keep doing it until you're good to afford another lemonade stand or even a newspaper deliver service...

    Well, who keeps clicking right, so you can hire managers to do that for you, but it requires a lot of $$$$ to be earned first. Well, after that you can just leave the game [close] and open it the next day with ample amount of $$$ to rock... 

    Oh, yes and there are these things called Angles in the game, which eventually increase the profits drastically if you reset the game claiming the angles... You'll then get a lot of cash out of everything you do, eventually all the cash becomes x2 x4 or even more depending on the number of angles you claim.

    This game is addicting, after knowing about this game and getting into it, I had a gameplay time of 40hrs in the first week... xD
    Well, if you earned all the in-game achievements or earned everything in the game, you'll get a certificate that you've earned everything and won that planet... PRO tip, mars is a bit easy to complete first, and moon is the hardest to complete.... PRO tip over

    PS: this is the review of the game if you intend to play it without cheating...
    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Adventure Capitali$t [Steam Version] - Review

    (4.43/5) 7 rates


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