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    Rate this article "Rainbow six siege.Everything you need to know!!!"

    (5/5) 5 rates
    sree_ram, 31 october 2017 14:48

    Rainbow six siege.Everything you need to know!!!

    This game needs no introduction.Youll buy it by reading the makers tag.Yes the greatest multiplayer game out there (after maybe PUBG).The most ruthless FPS game and the most entertaining.This game has taken over the minds of  all the people out there who love FPS games.
    Heres what i think about it.

    Over the top graphics,the best support team for any game till now and exclusive ontent this game has it all.Even if the price is a bit high at around $60 i wouldnt mind buying it.

    If you have played this game you would really admire its graphics and gameplay overall.From the map to the characters attention to detail is exqusite.Its so cool that you can even see the wrinkles of the operators in this game.Of course you couldnt expect more from the creators of ghost recon wildlands!!!


    At a $60 price tag the game is a bit expensive for the average gamer.But the rich dudes out there have a lot of ways in this game to show how rich they are.From skins that range from $20 to boosters that go for the same amount everything a rich guy needs.I would say that its worth paying the humungous price tag as the quality of the support is so good !!


    Those who have played this game would understand what im talking about.The only word to describe it is "UNIQUE".You dont experience the same thing over and over like you do in other overrated FPS games.Things like alpha packs helps you to get what the rich dudes get for free(YOULL NEED SOME LUCK!).The science used here is upto date.You wont find operators here having an ammo count in their gun(NO OFFENSE COD PLAYERS).The thought process that has gone in to making this game is commendable.


    Every game except CSGO requires you to have a good PC,not a 19th century wooden one.Having a good pc helps a lot.You wont be roasted in the game chat for your slow loading and youll get the best gaming experience.
    6GB RAM(MIN)
    Intel i3 or above processor
    And the final thing>>>>>>A headphone and a mic!
    This is the make or brake thing in siege.Get one and youll get to play better by communicating to your teammates.Play on speakers and you wont hear a player sneaking up on you.Get one improve your game.

    I would recommend this game to all the people out there looking for a FRESH START on pc.This game really does help you to become a better GAMER OVERALL.

    Rate this article Rainbow six siege.Everything you need to know!!!

    (5/5) 5 rates


    little short article expect more from you

    5 may 2021 05:28

    i played this game many years ago
    this game has a good grphic good game play and amazing story

    15 july 2020 00:28