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    (4.96/5) 23 rates
    ZYNZ, 6 july 2018 12:17

    Subnautica Game

    For the hot summer, you do not want to go out and play at home in an air-conditioned room, "Subnautica" is a sea-related adventure game and has a relaxed music scene. Subnautica sells on steam for more than $ 5, it has very nice and lively graphics. Adventure games, adventure, survival.

    At the start of the game, you are a visitor on the Aurora yacht, going to the new planet to learn and research. The boat is entering a strange row and a machine gun destroys the ship. Fortunately, only one survivor, according to this study is a planet that has long lived only alien creatures, monsters, fish, ...

    Games have multiple day and night modes:

    Our mission is to survive in this place and to find out the production of weapons and submarines to return to your planet. Aurora will explode after a few days, and then we and all animals will be affected by radiation. The game has many biome: Surface Biome: Blood Kelp Zone, Bulb Zone, Crag Field, Crash Zone ...; Island: floating island, mountain island; Cave Biomes: Blood Kelp Caves, Bone Fields Caves, Bulb Zone Caves, Deep Grand Reef, ... many creatures for those who want to explore. Especially the game has the boss is very dangerous and big: Ghost Leviathan, Leviathan Reaper, Sea Dragon Leviathan, Sea Emperor Leviathan, Warper. If you are not strong enough, keep away from it as far as possible (I advise you not to fight with them).

    First of all, what you need is the remnants here, by making tools like knives (for fighting), scanners (scans everything and helps us collect new formulas to open more formulas. repair equipment (repair doors, circuit breakers, vehicles, ...), flashlights, ... There are also guns to fight with monsters. Next is the transport, to create it you need to find the debris and scan it, know the formula, you make Mobile VihicleBay (vehicle manufacturing equipment) then you build it as an item normal. There are four main modes of transportation: SeaMoth, Cyclops, Prawn Suit, which help us navigate easily and explore places of great depth. You can also upgrade them with modules (build or search).They can be repaired by the Moon Pool or by a Repair Tool and recharged.

    It's not over yet, the game has very interesting homes, works of UFOs to study, protect them (I'll give some representative pictures):

    Is it beautiful? I think you should download and play it to know how beautiful it is !!!
    You can also build your own base, make it beautiful... Build a base with Habitat Builder!

    Not only that but many things you need to rediscover. The end of the game, you see that I say will lose interest in the game. I will link below for those who want to. Wish you fun game =)).
    Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/264710/Subnautica/

    Rate this article Subnautica Game

    (4.96/5) 23 rates


    I love this game

    30 july 2018 13:33

    The plus is the graphics are good but it costs pretty much but itn really costs these money

    4 april 2019 16:21

    abzu but survival version

    5 august 2018 01:27

    at least plenty of img

    30 july 2018 08:52

    Awesome gameplay

    23 july 2018 06:20

    wow the game looks gr8

    29 july 2018 15:45

    Wow, look at that graphics guys..! The graphics are so cool for a game like this!

    16 july 2018 15:55

    Thanks for images, but why so unorganized?

    6 july 2018 13:30

    SUbnautica IS a good game and so is this Articles

    21 july 2018 18:50

    Dont know about this game but after reafing article.

    16 july 2018 17:59