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    grailmisdoer, 18 january 2018 13:39

    Story of Max payne 1

    Max Payne is one of the most celebrated games that most gamers are familiar with, the main story of the game will begin in New York City, the city of reason for the day to be killed by a criminal, and to the complex of many residents of this city one of The most distant cities in the world where there are many gangsters and gangs ...

    Max Payne's story will begin in the city, Max is a newly-commissioned officer who went to work in the city's central police station every morning, where he was busy with a lot of cases ... he was going through some time. One day, the weather was a little cool. Christmas is approaching, and the sound of the wind blowing away from the distance. Max returns home after his busy work. Meanwhile, several addicts came to the house. Max after knowing this story intends to save his family, one of whom killed his daughter and his wife! Several addicts who prepared for Max's house were addicted to a substance called Valkyr of type B.B, and in the term Slalom it was Valkyr. BB says that this issue will be revealed later, but Max did not have this story ... Max Payne is a little broken, about three years since the death of his wife and son. Their cemetery is not far from Max's home. That's why Max more It's time to see them. As Max said, after three years of secret research in the field of research on various drugs, he also has a new mission, and entering a large family of Punchinello. Of course, Max must first trust them. For this reason, he also had several missions for the Punchinello family. If we were to talk about this mafia family, they were one of the producers and exporters of narcotics, and even in their laboratories they produced new drugs. Max enters his family or a mafia group ... Max Payne during his mission receives a message from his colleague Hensley in the subway that Alex Max distance of several streets with no where to meet. Alex is one of the officers of the Office for the fight against opiate, friend and childhood Max Payne! Alex reaches the metro when he tries to go to Alex suddenly sees Alex shooting with a man killed on the back at the same time Police are greeted By their research they realize the main theme of the assassination of Alex Balder is Max Payne, and in a way Max can not continue to work, hence the police are wanted by him! The news is happening at the Punchinello family at the Metro Station, and they also find out the identity of the Pine Pinch, and they find out he is a police officer! For this reason, they plan to quickly kill him because Max Payne entered the Punchinlo family and had a lot of statistics, which could be very bad for them because it was a very important information; Max Payne finds that the Punchinlo family Jack starts with Jack Lupino. He starts out with Jack Lupino. He goes on to work at his work place, and ends up counting his account. Jack was a kind of family leader. And they played an important role in the transportation of narcotics, the group's attention to Max was reduced, but the risk is always following him. Yen is introduced to a young lady named Mona Sax, by examining the case in Mona, she is a mercenary and does everything for money, Mona initially appeals to Max, the great Mexican, to a drug containing a drug. Max after Mona is also waiting for the Punchinello family to find him. Mona Sax's exact goal was unclear, but he had 100 percent reason to do it; Max is successful in his skills in a form of Escape the Mafia's hands. She accidentally finds a Russian weapons cache that is owned by street vendors, but he does not have a number of guards. Now Max is very powerful and can use these weapons to achieve his goals and destroy the Punchinlo family, Max Payne has put all his center for a family member called Don, but after some time one policeman is killed, but Max finds out that Don was only one small bean on Valkyr's line of smuggling drugs! Nicole Horn is one of the enemies of Max Payne, but he works as a policeman. He will have a relationship with Max for some time, but he will inject Valkyr into Max and release him in his own mood to be killed! Still, the main reason for the niche's work was not clear! Max in that situation survived and survived, and he was able to save himself. There was no news from the Punchinello family. What time was Max to find out if Max was no longer interested in research, but after a while, It would be that he could open his way to the new thread, and that was the last sentence of Mrs. Nicole Horn (mine to the cold gun) was the last sentence Max Payne heard before he was insensible! Maxx is guided to collect information from various sources of information. Max later finds out that Valkyr was a military project used to empower soldiers, and they became very powerful in the spirit of the war. Max after some time noticed those who were ready to Max's house and killed his wife used Valkyr materials, and that Max had made a mistake in his work, so he sent some of them to his house on the orders of Nicole Horn. This is a moment that Max will change a lot because he realizes a lot of things and finds BB's main identity after research, BB was the one who killed Alex at the metro station with a shot from behind. , As you see in the game, BB will call Max and put him in a garage. The battle begins. Max and BB go to the pursuit of the escape. The conflict continues. It has a powerful weapon, but Max Payne uses his skills. BB is killing. Meanwhile, Max is leaving the car park, calling on him by a man called Alfred Woden. Asgard was one of the key members of the project, giving Max Payne a very detailed information about Nicole Horn's identity. He also tells Max if he wants to get the nickname from the charges that he was charged with Alex's murder. Max speaks with the man suddenly attacked and killed by Nicole Horn forces, but the pin from the window (the final stages of the game) escapes, but Asgard does not know what happened! Max goes to his office and goes to the other with Mrs. Mona Sax, but this time the hair is angry with a shot to Max. At this moment, the security guards arrive several times to give orders to Mona, but she does not listen and the soldiers will be killed, Max continues. Niccolo Horn comes to her, and while she thinks Max is wounded, she tells her that she has spoiled us very much and we each have to take revenge on her husband and child. We killed you and ... This raises Max's anger, after killing some of the horn's nicknames to the roof of the building. The air is a little cold. Riding on a helicopter, Max brings an antenna to the antenna with accurate marking to the wires, and the antenna collides with the helicopter. Horn's necklace is also killed. Police encircle the locusts everywhere. Security forces arrive. Max gets arrested along the way, seeing Asgard, but he knows that nothing will happen to him.

    Rate this article Story of Max payne 1

    (4.57/5) 7 rates


    and to the complex of many residents of this city one of The most distant cities in the world where there

    25 december 2019 11:10

    huge fan of the game. Like the graphic & storyline.

    26 may 2019 12:44