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    (4.71/5) 7 rates
    panos_misti, 17 january 2018 23:00

    Review: The LEGO Movie Videogame

    Games from the Traveler's Tales , in which, using the figures and details from the designer LEGO, many well-known films are played and parodied, have long become a separate genre and even a kind of cultural phenomenon. And now it's time for the figures themselves to become the heroes of their own film. The picture is called - The LEGO Movie. In the world for less than two weeks, she collected almost $ 100 million, received a lot of enthusiastic reviews, and in Russia goes on the screens on February 27. And who would doubt that Traveller's Tales will immediately release the game based on ...

    Everyone who has ever played in any "Legian" game, will feel themselves in The LEGO Movie Videogame as at home. In structure and mechanics, it is practically no different, for example, from LEGO Harry Potter or LEGO The Lord of the Rings . Everything is familiar: small figures, as if escaped from the designer, jump awkwardly at detailed levels, destroy decorously reproduced scenery, which immediately scatter to dozens of different colored chips, save points, collect new designs from the broken to solve simple puzzles, ridiculously beat up enemies and change with each other places, when you need to perform a specific task. The protagonist, a builder named Emmett, can repair broken equipment and use a drill, his unexpected partner Lucy jumps above all and knows how to crawl on walls and other sheer surfaces. Similar to Gandalf, Starets Vitruvius is ready to turn his staff into unique bars for the same Lucy, so she flies to the right place. But the toy Batman (yes, there is he!), Of course, cleverly throws the betarang and is fastened with the Bat-hook, in order, for example, to pull up the object or collapse some kind of construction. On this cooperative interaction of the heroes, all mechanics are built. Lucy climbs much higher, then throws down the stairs or drops a huge box so that the others can get to her. And when she, for example, is about to run along the wall, but sees that current passes through it, she must stop and wait until we switch to Emmet and fix the shield.
    You can play as in the "single", personally skipping around the menu of available characters, and with a friend on a split screen - which, of course, is more fun and more convenient. On-site and other brand-name joys: open storylines are allowed to pereprohodit in free play mode, collecting not yet found bonuses, special items and other buns - for example, colorful ... pants. Between the locations, as usual, there is a kind of "hub", where there is a portal leading to accessible places; bonus puzzles; fitting room (remember about pants!); and a green path leading to the next storyline. Finally, you can still buy and collect new characters. After all, to collect all - this is for many, almost the main thing in any such game.
    This is one of the most "plot" and funny games among themselves - because the original film turned out to be very ridiculous! The script parodies not only "Batman" or "The Lord of the Rings" individually, but in general it is passed by the merry rink on many stamps, battered topics and all typical fighters about saving the world from an evil-evil villain all at once. It seems that a rather boring beginning about the problem of builders in a modern city is quickly replaced by a real "trash and burnout." Heroes scream and scream out of the casemates of the "evil cop" (which turns a "slight" turn of the head), then they fall on the typical Wild West where Gandalf (that is, Vitruvius) posing as a pianist in a saloon, running along with Batman on the clouds , visit the caramel world of the eternal rainbow, where they join the local Applejack ... And this is not all. If at the beginning of the story we shoot out of the colt in the saloon, then closer to the final we shoot laser weapons and a cigar into the cockpit of a real "fur" - it must first be collected during a new mini-game that simulates a real "Lego" constructor. Such a dashing pace led to the fact that in general, the production and direction all this more like (and again parodies) some Call of Duty or Uncharted - this is the main difference and advantage of The LEGO Movie Videogame. There are practically no typical "research" levels. We are always fighting with someone, we are running somewhere, and something is always rattling around, shooting, screaming and exploding. The heroes leave the chase on a futuristic car, and while one shoots the pursuers from the gun, the other under the enthusiastic exclamations of the players jumps on the cars rushing by. Five minutes later, they fight with the enemies on the roof of a rushing train ... Yes, there is even a typical scene with a "boss" -verted!
    The LEGO Movie Videogame is, perhaps, the pinnacle of the evolution of the "Lego" -Janra. As the brand of the children's designer has evolved to its own Hollywood epic, which collects hundreds of millions of dollars around the world, so the project on motives turned into a game that is not inferior in terms of staging, dynamics and the number of "wow" moments to the most expensive action in the world. And at the same time, mind you, she did not lose her trademark qualities.

    Rate this article Review: The LEGO Movie Videogame

    (4.71/5) 7 rates


    great work keep it up

    13 march 2019 11:35

    Not bad. I like Lego and stuffs. This is good article.

    3 december 2019 11:25

    I like Lego. Great article

    30 december 2019 14:59

    yeah thats true

    22 may 2020 12:01