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    (4/5) 2 ratings
    panos_misti, 17 january 2018 22:59

    Review : Infinity Blade III

    Infinity Blade in relation to the iOS platform has about the same importance as Crysis - relative to the PC. That is, it is a direct demonstration of technical possibilities to the public. And it was customary to treat the brainchild of Chair Entertainment until the appearance of the world of a new iOS 7 and naturally followed the announcement of Infinity Blade 3 . The release of the new "Blade" showed that "benchmarks" can sometimes not only show an amazing range of rendering and clear textures, but it is pleasant to surprise with the presence of a tolerable gameplay.

    If you have not come across with the first parts of the Infinity Blade A , then immediately warned - get lost in the intricacies of the plot and characters the relationship is quite simple. Adaptation period will pass for you very quickly, it is only necessary to understand one important detail: events in all the games of the series are very fond of repeating. In the most direct sense. Do not worry. No one is going to throw you spoilers now. We will immediately proceed with the analysis of the third part. As the protagonist, the warrior Siris, who is already known to us, again appears. In the past, it was named Osar, but we will not disclose the reasons for taking the "creative pseudonym" again at the reasons noted at the beginning of the paragraph. This time, Osar decided to take revenge on the Custodian of Secrets. Support the initiative will be an old friend of the main hero Isa. Hence the pleasant news for fans of Infinity Blade : now you can fight not only on behalf of Osar. The girl is another playable character. Her behavior in combat is fundamentally different from the methods practiced by Osar. If our old friend is accustomed to deal with force, then the girl makes the main bet on speed.(edited)
    The experience gained after the battle is distributed even to the items of equipment and weapons. "Bleeding" of the same basic parameters (health, attack, shield, magic) is supported by one interesting circumstance. After the addition of each point additional special abilities are opened: the possibility of holding multi-stage combos, charging the shield, opening all chests without keys and so on. In the later stages, some abilities will be available to two heroes, regardless of who opened them. Talk: Infinity Blade 3it would be incomplete without discussing the graphics. Drawing, models, textures - all at the highest level. But two claims remain unshakable from the first part. First, facial animation is just as miserable. Developers understand this well and hide the crooked faces of the characters behind the thick helmets. Secondly, the environment. Beautiful, no doubt. But just as lifeless.
    The unpleasant feeling that you are playing in some very cool interactive demo has been diminished, of course. But the world of Infinity Blade 3 lacks the small details that would breathe a real life into it. But we have the most technologically advanced game for iOS. Without options.

    Rate this article Review : Infinity Blade III

    (4/5) 2 ratings


    too wordy...

    18 july 2019 11:13