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    CatJinx, 11 may 2018 13:09

    Star Stable Online

    Greetings, my name in the game Star Stable is Blanka Purplehill and I've been playing this game for quite sometime. I played it when I was little and have been growing up with it ever since. Now it's time to write my personal opinion on the game and give you an image of what the game holds!

    What is SSO (Star Stable Online)?
    Star Stable is a free to play game until level 5! You start a rider with a horse and you two have a special bond and will have magical powers and defend the island Jorvik from different kinds of groups who try to sabotage the land. It's a relaxing game and gets updated every week. It's gameplay ranges from racing to RPG and MMO. However you don't need any friends to help you with any quests, you go on your own adventure. BUT in order to continue all stories you will have to pay.

    About the ranging age of the players

    So for long I've been playing Star Stable, and now actually making an article of it and replaying it to get rewards for it. Star Stable has been the game I've grown with since I was 8 years old and now 15 I still visit it quite frequently. The game is really enjoyable for someone ranging from 8 to 17 years old. Of course you do have older people still playing this game. Of course you have people older than 17 playing this game.

    The gameplay

    1. RPG
    Roleplay is the a huge concept next to racing. The story really is interesting to follow and to read. The publishers of SSO really try their best to keep the stories flowing! But there's not only one story, there are several and sometimes they flow togheter, other times they go seperate. The main quests will be indicated on your map and quest log as a yellow dot. Once you comeplete those quest there is a chance you'll have to wait until tomorrow to continue. The stories allow you to view seperate scenes, expand your map, more races, more side-quests and exclusive rewards! BUT, in order to keep the yellow quests flowing you'll have to earn reputation with a group to continue its quests. Sadly you'll need to do races and side-quests if you want to continue. 

    But I can't stop there with the roleplay! Star Stable made areas so huge so you can roleplay with friends! That's right, there are empty spaces Star Stable barely uses where you can play.  Also Star Stable has been adding emotes, expressions and actions so you can enjoy roleplay to the fullest!

    Racing is a huge matter in SSO. Not only can it help you unlock quests but you can also strike some medals in competitions! In oder to join a competition you'll need to keep close contact on the right upper corner of your screen. A huge bar will show you an icon of the competition, aswell as the city where the competition will hold and also the time remaining untill the competition will start. The earliest time to join is 1:30:00 h before the competition starts. On the 00:05:00h mark you can register in an area with a girl in the middle standing on a box. Don't worry she has a blue indicator above her head aswell. Speak to her and you'll join, for the next 5 minutes you'll have to stay in the area! You'll be put in groups so beginners are with beginners and experts with experts. After you've done the race you can head to your mailbox and receive a prize! The first 3 in the group will earn a medal. Did you lose? Probably because your horse didn't level up yet! Do side-races in order to level up your horse! Still not winning? Your horse's equipment does have properties that increases jumping, caring, speed etc. Pssst... if you wanna win. I'd take the most out of swiftness if I were you ;).

    Don't worry, you are not alone on this island! There are plenty of others! Grab all your friends togheter and you can even form a club! You guys can also race against eachother, roleplay and so much more!

    Graphics, sound, music

    1. Music
    A thing I really adore is the music in this game! There isn't much of music, but it can create such a nice atmosphere and really brings the best out of this game!

    I'd really recommend not listening to music in the forests of Jorvik. The sound of the birds, the nature, and the stomping of your horse can really set a relaxing mood. 

    Maybe less of a thing to talk about. The edges of the landscape are quite sharp and not as smooth. Star Stable has always been like this. I think the landscape will forever last like this but with daily updates and acces to buying new horses they always try to make the new stuff smooth. And don't worry, even though the graphics are less, it can be forgiven by the decorated areas. You ever have that problem in a landscape that it looks.. empty? Like it feels like a dessert and sometimes it really is a dessert? Well in Star Stable you don't have that problem! For example if you are in a forest: you'll have trees close to eachother, bushes and plants covering the ground, Bumpy landscapes if you walk of the road and even more! 

    Star Rider
    Sadly this is the one thing stopping you from discovering Jorvik. You can't unlock everything unless if you have Star Rider. It always you to unlock areas, quests and even earn Star Coins weekly. Star Coins is a currency you can buy with real money to buy exclusive things like pets, horses, looks, clothing and even gear. No, you can't earn this in the game itself by doing any quests. As someone who plays this for free you'll start with 100 star coins but won't get 100 star coins weekly. 

    You can buy Star Rider on the site. The less expensive starts with 1 month, then you 3 months but you can also pay once and have membership forever. If you buy Lifetime Star Rider you also got acces to exclusive clothing for free. Wich you can claim in Moorland. If you are really interested in the game then I'd really recommend looking forward to buying lifetime. The game keeps on getting updated with new areas and quests. Also you are more unable on missing out on special events. 

    Special thanks
    I really hope this helped you out on choosing if you want to play the game or not. I really recommend playing untill level 5 and buying Star Rider for one month so you can really get the feeling. Thanks for reading this review!tar 

    Rate this article Star Stable Online

    (4.16/5) 57 rates

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    Star Stable

    Star Stable is a skill game addressed mainly to the girls. We’ll impersonate a young girl, spending her time on the Jorvik island, which is passionated by horse riding.The island itself, according to the legend, formed when a shining star fell to these previously infertile, lifeless lands. From the star came out a mysterious gir...


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