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    jannah, 10 may 2018 20:34


    This guide will teach you all the possible methods that you can earn Soul Gems as fast as possible just by following the next steps listed down.

    1- Daily registration:  For each day you log-in you will get a daily bonus of 5 Soul Gems , if you log-in daily for 7 days in a row you'll get a bonus of 20 Soul Gems so if you manage to log-in daily for 7 days in a row you will get a total of 55 Soul Gems for free.

    2- Promoting the site: 
    If you have a Youtube/Twitch account you can earn Soul Gems by promoting the website in a video/whilst streaming.

    Note that the more subs/viewers you have the more soul gems you get.

    3- Sharing on facebook with you friends:
    As simple as it sounds, you can get Soul Gems just by sharing the website on facebook .

    4- Talk on the forum: With this method you can earn Soul Gems by making a guide or opening a duscussion about a sth.

    5- Enter a promo code: You can earn gems by entering a promocode following the next steps (Go to GET MORE tab from the top of the screen, scroll down and enter the code where it says CODE ENTRY) -Note that it has to be a valid code-

    6- Share your own promo code: 
    You can earn gems by sharing your promo code with other or just by refering them with you personal link.
    Steps: Go to GET MORE TAB > REFFERAL SYSTEM > and copy your UNIQUE CODE/URL.

    NOTE: The higher level you have the more soul gems you'll get by each new user reffered.

    7- Get the mobile app:
    All you have to do is get the mobile app> download games> open them> and then leave them here for a couple of minutes and you got yourself free gems and btw you can unistall them right away.

    8- Play minigames: Go to GET MORE tab> PLAY MINIGAMES> and find a game that you'll like to play.

    9- Play browser games: Go to GET MORE tab> COMPLETE TASK> and then go to the filters tab> TYPE > and select BROWSER GAMES.

    9- Play browser games:
    Go to GET MORE tab> COMPLETE TASK> and then go to the filters tab>TYPE>  and select DOWNLOADABLE GAMES.

    10- Do surveys:
    Go to GET MORE tab CARRY OUT A CONTRACT  and go down to SURVEYS. (you can also download mobile apps and games by clicking on one of the 6 WALLS>  click the green GET button  and a new tap should pop-up > click the blue GO TO OFFER button > Press install>  and select you mobile device.

    11- Play guessing game:  Go to GET MORE tab>  Guessing game> And bet GEMS.

    NOTE: this is a method that that i don't promote because it's gambling but you should know that it exists even tho i am against it 

    12- Be active: If you manage to place yourself into the first 3 most gems earned of the day top you'll get a bonus of: PLACE 1 (1000 GEMS)/ PLACE 2 (500 GEMS) and PLACE 3 (300 GEMS).
    you can see your ranking next to the amount of GEMS earned on the profile tab from the right of the screen.

    If you want to help me out or thank me for the guide you can do it by leaving a comment or by using the following promo code : GH936792


    Rate this article EZ GUIDE TO GET GEMS

    (4/5) 34 rates


    tnx for tips

    3 may 2020 12:06

    thank you very mmuch

    4 april 2020 08:28


    4 june 2018 16:25

    Thank you for the tips

    28 march 2020 20:40

    Thank you for the tips! I will try my best to follow them and to use the information correctly. However, you put number 9 twice lol. I'll rate your article 5 stars for sure!

    30 march 2020 22:43

    Ok but i dont get my rewards

    25 june 2018 14:16

    Great guide thanks for posting this

    28 june 2018 02:04

    Nice! I will follow your tips hope you find new ones soon 👍

    16 july 2018 11:52

    Grea Guide. now i know how to collect them quickly

    2 february 2020 14:29

    Its broken

    25 june 2018 14:16