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    (4.15/5) 27 rates
    fleporepen, 6 may 2018 12:29

    Star Stable Online

    Star stable online is an amazing onlie horse game! i have been playing this game for about a year now and i reeeeeaally like it. I love how everything looks, the amazing landscapes and villages you ride trough and the beautifull horses! And all of the quests that you can do in the game are nice.
    here is a little story about sso and a conspirecy theory

    A Star Stable Online Legend…

    please know that there might be some spoilers in this story.
    I sometimes talk about the latest main story quests (march 2018)

    When you think of Star Stable online you’ll probably think of horses and riding trough the wonderful areas in the game. But sso isn’t all about sweet looking horses, fluffy rabbits, and nice friends. There is actually a dark side to this game and every Wednesday there is a chance for it to get even darker. You may have guessed that im talking about the main story of Star Stable online. A story that you will explore as you complete in-game quests.
    What i like the most about Star Stable online is its beautiful background story. Because while you’re bussy training your horse, someone on Jorvik might be planning something very evil something beyond your wildest dreams.

    It all starts with the legend of Jorvik, the island where you stay for your holiday to enjoy its beautiful nature and of course the horses! You arrive at a small and peaceful place called the moorland stables. But the legend of Jorvik started before all of that, before you arrived, probably before you where even born…
    Legend said that a magical light showed up out of nowhere. And a mysterious figure on a horse elegantly galloped alongside the waves. in her hand she hold a piece of that light and while she moved, a landscape started to grow. Gigantic mountains rose out of the ocean, grass and flowers started to grow. Beautiful trees came out of the ground and the newborn animals walked around their huge brown roots.
    And there you are, stating beside one of those old trees, manny years later.

    Your journey on Jorvik starts off with some simple quests where you meet some of the characters on the island. And a friendly man named Thomas Moorland decides to trough you into the deep and gives you a quest where you first meet a very strange organization, GED (global energy domination)
    GED might seem innocent at first, they are strange and mysterious but not dangerous, but as you continue playing sso you discover some darker secrets about this strange company. And in the latest update (7-3-18) you find them working with Dark Core!

    Dark Core is a company we know relatively nothing about. But one thing is for sure, they’re up to no good! in the past we have seen that they are willing to do anything to reach their goals. They’ve even kidnapped two of the soul riders and imprisoned them in Pandoria (more details about Pandoria soon) We were able to save one of them, Lisa, but Anne is still stuck in there. You and the soul riders are doing everything you can to save her but Dark Core isn’t making it easy…
    There have been more than one dangerous situations where you faced someone of the Dark Core crew and had to race your way out or call for help. Up until now we still don’t know how to defeat them. In fact we don’t know much about this mysterious company in general…

    Lets see wat we do know,
    in previous games released by the ssh company we see almost the same story. Those games are our biggest source of information about what might be coming.
    As you may know there is a strange name appearing in our quests. We hear the members of the Dark Core talking about it a lot and Fripp and the druids seem to know more about this name aswell. But what do we know about… Garnock?

    Garnock seems to be our main enemy in the game but have we ever seen him?
    And do we even know what he wants?
    Some sos players think that the Dark Core is working together with the evil monster and some even say that he is already free and that we have seen him once in the game. In one of the main story quests in pandoria, we had to race our way out and some weird tentacles were attacking us. It could be Garnock. There are some other theories about this mysterious monster: In previous games released by SSO there was an old map with a picture of Garnock, and if you look closer, you may recognize the place on the map…
    thats right.. nearby its Cape West fishing village!
    Could Garnock be somewere on the bottom of the sea?

    Another theory is that Garnock is locked up in a place we all know, Devils Gap. That could be the reason that the people of Jarlaheim never visit that place. People think this because in one of the Starshine legacy games, Alex raced against a dark rider inside Devils Gap. And during the race weird tentacles showed up and blocked the way…

    Well there are manny possible outcomes of this mysterious legend but the only way to find out the truth is to wait for whatever SSO will bring us…

    Rate this article Star Stable Online

    (4.15/5) 27 rates

    Play Star Stable

    Star Stable

    Star Stable is a skill game addressed mainly to the girls. We’ll impersonate a young girl, spending her time on the Jorvik island, which is passionated by horse riding.The island itself, according to the legend, formed when a shining star fell to these previously infertile, lifeless lands. From the star came out a mysterious gir...


    this game is for all no FAKE NO CLICKBATE

    16 december 2019 14:39

    And in the latest update (7-3-18) you find them working with Dark Core!

    5 december 2019 06:15

    i am not the biggest fan of this game.

    1 march 2020 15:09

    also this game is awsome, no matter what people are saying

    20 october 2019 12:20

    i really love this game and article is very cool

    23 september 2019 19:46

    And what? Are games just for boys, and what is the problem? Not just boys need to play online games.

    20 july 2019 14:32

    wow i think this is epic very cool very ice very informative wish there was more I read the whole thing it as so quality a=and I'm so impressed wowowowow

    26 april 2020 09:30

    this game is only for girls!

    26 july 2018 14:14

    This game is not only for girls! I am quite confused by this article, as I just started playing Star Stable. However, I enjoy the game and seem to find your article interesting. Garrock seems an interesting legend. Four stars!

    30 march 2020 22:45