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    (4.05/5) 39 rates
    Vardox_, 15 november 2018 21:22


    Spelunky is an independent platform video game, created by Derek Yu and released for platforms: Pc, Ps3, Ps4 and Xbox 360
    on December 21, 2008.

    Are you ready to enter this adventure?

    The caves in this game are generated totally randomly, which makes each journey through the game unique and very fun.
    Spelunky is a roguelike in every rule, has many factors related to this genre.
    As for the history of the game: You are a speleologist trying to get the treasure behind the powerful Olmec, surpassing all kinds of levels to achieve the goal.
    Technical section: Few times we feel powerless before this section, and as long as I accompany them with the captures of the game, I can not even get close to what Spelunky really is in terms of the visual section, so I want to invite you to watch videos of the game so they know what I'm talking about.
    In Spelunky we have a game with a 2D design with a visual and artistic aspect that leaves us speechless, the configuration of the levels is very colorful and with a lot of variety.

    Gameplay: The story is just an excuse to make sense of the game, basically consisting of collecting as much money as possible (this will affect our total score at the end of the game) avoid traps, kill enemies either hitting them with our whip or jumping on your head.
    We have a limited supply of pumps and ropes.
    he levels are grouped into 4 different areas, the mines, the jungle, the snow and the temple, each with different enemies, land types and traps. Also all the areas contain an extra level (The worm, the mothership and the city of gold) except for the mines that these do not have any extra level.
    If the player loses all their hearts or encounters an instant death trap, they will have to start from the beginning.
    You can buy or find in boxes different types of weapons and objects that will help you in your adventure.

    Characters: There are many unlockable characters, these are simply skins since they do not grant the player some kind of distinctive ability.
    The characters will be in coffins on completely random levels.
    When you open the coffin, the character will come alive and help you until you die, I personally recommend killing him since it is a very big annoyance.
    These are all the characters if they are interested:

    Store: Every so often in the levels we will find a store with a shopkeeper, this will sell us items, there are only 4 spaces in the store so there will only be 4 items for each time we visit the store.
    Beware of hitting the shopkeeper or stealing some object, otherwise it will get angry and start shooting, besides that it will be at the end of all levels and you will not be able to buy back in the store until you start a new game.

    Curious facts of the game:
    Altar of kali: Kali is apparently a type of god that you can offer sacrifices on his altar, it appears completely at random.
    The sacrifices can be:
    Enemies that leave their body thrown when dying.
    By making 1 sacrifice we will get a completely random item.
    By making 2 sacrifices we will get Kali Bowl, this will give us a heart by filling it with enemy blood.
    After making these 2 sacrifices you can not get more items by sacrificing something.

    Alternative ending:
    This is a mini guide on how to complete this final.
    1-In the mines obtain a key that can be generated anywhere (the key must be carried by the player until finding a chest at the same level)
    2-When we open the chest and get the content of it, we must go to the jungle and wait for this object to make a peculiar sound (this can be at any level of the jungle) when we notice that the object does not stop making that sound , we must locate the exact place to place a bomb and discover a secret entrance to "the black market"
    3- In the black market we must have collected 50,000 of money to buy an Ankh, this object is at the end of the whole store.
    4-With the ankh in hands we must go to the snow and look for a giant head in the snow, from level 2 of the snow can be found, when we find this head we must die the way it is at that level, we will resurrect thanks to the ankh, and we'll get an item.
    5-Now with that item we will go to the temple where in the first level we must kill "Anubis" when we manage to kill him, release a kind of scepter which we must grab. (I recommend using sticky bombs to kill Anubis) now we will go to the second level of the temple, where we will look for a door with a lock, with the items we get, that door will open and we will enter the city of gold, and there we will go towards a kind of bedroom and we will grab the object that is in there (important to know that when the object is grabbed Anubis 2, we must kill it so that the other levels will not pursue us)
    6-We will reach the final boss, there we must look at the item that we got thanks to the city of gold. This item will open and close, we will find out where the exact location is when it is opened and closed quickly. Once the exact location is located, we have to make a hole in the lava so that the final boss falls. When it falls, we must use its head to use it as a platform to the door below. (this is found thanks to the item that opens and closes)
    Once we get to the door, we will enter hell, the last level. That is a matter of passing the levels and reach the epic final boss.
    Images of the objects to be found:

    Duration of the game: If we are fast and skillful the duration of the game will not be very long, between 20-22 hours. It is a duration that a priori may seem sufficient. However, if we dedicate ourselves to completing the game 100% it will take us days to complete it.

    In conclusion: I think we are sincerely before one of the best games of Roguelike style of all time ... Spelunky has a series of failures that we can not deny, but it is that in turn everything is so well thought out to complement with a playable part that we got to the point of having an addictive feeling. To this we must add a visual finish worthy of taking off his hat.
    That was this little review of one of my favorite games of the roguelike genre. Spelunky took a place in my heart without a doubt. A hug, see you soon.

    Rate this article Spelunky

    (4.05/5) 39 rates


    really good

    29 july 2019 04:17

    Not Bad Article!

    22 november 2018 13:03

    Nicely done.

    16 november 2018 16:52

    complete news nice

    20 november 2018 02:51

    Looks good seems good is it good
    The presentation and organisation are fine structure has some irregularities
    But overall not bad hopefully it's genuine

    15 november 2018 22:45


    16 november 2018 22:40

    I dont like the game, even thought i tryed it

    22 november 2018 19:58