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    Rate this article "SpellForce 3 [Steam] - Initial Impressions"

    (4.67/5) 3 ratings
    noobda, 7 december 2017 19:21

    SpellForce 3 [Steam] - Initial Impressions

    SpellForce 3 is a type of combination of both RPG and Real Time Strategy game at the same time. And this is one of the most anticipated games to be released this year, as this is a different approach towards the gaming world, a mix of both Role Playing Game and Strategy altogether in a single game which has more to offer.... Seems like a good deal so far....

    And the game is scheduled to release in an hour [at the time of this article], that is on December 8th, I see. So, what's making this game create a buzz in the gaming industry? Read along to find out more about this game.... SpellForce 3

    SpellForce 3:

    So, this is the game which has to be played with strategy or else you'll end up being bored and want to switch to another game, so, this game is targetting the RPG gamers. Although this game isn't released till now, it has already created a buzz in the gaming world to some extent, not that much hype as the StarWars Battlefront 2 from EA did, but to some extent.

    So, what's this game all about? Well lets check that out... First some steam statistics of the game, which isn't released, so there won't be any known issues with game and there won't be any reviews for the game as well.

    • Release Date: December 7th or 8th, 2017
    • Developers: THQ Nordic, Grimiore Games [THQ are well known for their Moto GP series which is one of a kind game of that type]
    • As you can see this game is a sequel of SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past which was released in 2014, so a bit of anticipation is quite normal for this game along with a little bit of hype though...
    • Single Player
    • Multi Player along with Co-op
    • Steam Achievements
    • Steam Trading Cards
    • Steam Cloud saves
    • Steam Leaderboards
    • The audio is also available in German, for obvious reasons...
    • And this game is nominated for the 'Best of E3 2017' but didn't win though...

    Ok, this game is restricted to only some kinds of people as other may find this game quite boring, not only this game but such type of games which include thinking, strategy, and making the descisions, going with the flow, 

    and Waiting

    .... some gamers aren't interested in such things but for the people who are interested in such games will be enjoying this game in no time as this has many things to offer including outstanding graphics and the level of detail in this game is absolutely amazing for a game of RPG type.

    From the screenshots, we can depict that nothing in the game goes pixelated even after zooming to a maximum extent, that's the level of detail and effort put into the graphics of this game. And as far as the gameplay goes, this depends on the optimization of the game and the stability which includes updates from the developers....

    This game is somehow +18, and you get to choose in the creation and customization of the character or hero and you'd have a skill tree just like the Watch Dogs where you'll be aquiring skills from the items you earn by playing the game better

    Did I mention that this game has a epic story line just as in the prequels and the older versions of this game had, well this sure does have an epic story line and quite accurate physics involved in the gameplay.

    So, you may be wondering that this game looks pretty sleek in terms of graphics and gameplay, so 'Can I play this game on my Potato PC/laptop?' Well, the answer is probably gonna be yes and no, both. Check out the system requirements needed to play this game flawlessly....

    > Inter Core i7 Processor

    > 8Gigs of RAM

    > Nvida GTX970 4GB or R9 290 4GB from AMD

    > 15GB available storage for the game's files

    While the recommended system requirements are as follows, users can probaby see that this game actually can run on pretty decent hardware too... As this isn't released at the time of this article, we can't say it can run off an i3 or a Ryzen 3 paired along with a pretty decent dedicated Graphics cards. So, time will tell about the requirements...


    Here we can't actually conclude or review this game based on the hype and the buzz created before its release, so we have to wait until we check out some actual gameplays and people playing the game actually rather than just bragging about the game. By now the game might have been released so you'll probably find people playing this game and you'll see for yourself the details and reviews of the game based on how much it has to offer in both RPG and RTS worlds.....

    Honestly, this is a good mix of Real Time Strategy and RPG together in a single game which looks pretty good in terms of the graphics and gameplay footage so far.... Time will tell....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article SpellForce 3 [Steam] - Initial Impressions

    (4.67/5) 3 ratings


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