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    (5/5) 2 ratings
    Mrdox, 7 december 2017 21:01

    Simple review of Driver: San Francisco

    The game takes the classic curve and is similar to some detective stories where you find yourself chasing one of the fugitive prisoners and trying in different ways to catch him, the game completes the end of the events of the third part of the series when the transfer of the prisoner and murderer Jericho from the prison of Istanbul to San Francisco prison. Operation Jericho managed to escape from the police and sparked a media fuss that resonated with John Tanner. John is the covert investigator who had worked hard to arrest Jericho. During Jericho's escape from the police, your job will begin to catch him and try to capture him again. But during a chase between the two, John Tanner was caught in a terrifying traffic accident. How can someone drive an ambulance? And is immersed in it? And what force did John gain after the incident? And how can Jericho appear in multiple places? Lots of interesting events in the game await you to try it out.

    Driver was and still is a racing game rather than an Akashian game, but it was able to integrate many elements of the game system, making it fun and full of surprises. I will talk about the appearance of the game as a whole, which is worth mentioning is drawing characters I find one of the characteristics of the game without a doubt! A lot of facial details such as wrinkles and wounds and gradations of excellent skin color, but the really annoying thing is the variation of the game fee at the beginning of one of the shows, you will enjoy the conversation and you will be impressed by the characters, but when the presentation begins to introduce the city or car from outside will marvel that the cartoons differed , The developer team has not mastered the environment or the surrounding area at all and will feel that it is changing time and time again. Audios The game is generally excellent and if you want to get a little deeper I will praise the amazing voice representation, with high-quality characters and an acoustic representation, no less than the fees. All you have to do is stand up and give the voice cast a greeting, the sounds of the cars and the engine noise are excellent. Each car has the sound of its own engine and the driving style is different. When you build a game similar to the Dravre or Sandbox game, you have to think about the right city and its design to be open and a large area that enables the player to roam and go to different areas. Well San Francisco City in the game exceeded my expectations, never complained of its narrowness, but enjoyed its breadth, you will find a lot of highways you will find yourself applying what you see in the movies speed and anger and a lot of narrow streets and sub-that will help you shorten your way.

    System of play and challenge
    There are no difficulty levels for the game, all you have to do is move freely in the city or go for missions, and this is considered negative for fans of challenge and playing at difficult levels. After finishing the storyline and some challenging tasks I find it does not offer enough challenge for professional players. As I mentioned the tasks I will talk about them a little bit deeper. Once the presentation of the game or the primitive presentation has been completed, the actual events will begin and the story will begin to develop, the deeper the story becomes, the more important the missions will become. When you finish the first task that you went to automatically, you will start to go to tasks the way you are comfortable. Moving between tasks is simple. All you have to do is determine the task on the map and go to it or through the ability of the character I will talk about later. Including the task that completes the events of the story but can not play immediately All you have to do is complete a number of tasks that will allow you to the main task in the chapter and will be completed after the events of the story, some of the side tasks will be the story after the end of them will benefit events information and this is what I find Wonderful to be bored Side tasks belonging to the main story and not cool tasks and events without blaring, there are a lot of side races or tasks by the owner and Strahan if you win or lose, do not worry, there are many, and many other tasks and challenges.

    With a huge city like San Francisco there are supposed to be a large number of playable cars. Well, I was very impressed by the experience of all the cars with their original rights and their realistic form. After the failure of the idea of getting out of the car in the third part of the series, the developer wanted to create a new thing that enables the player to move between cars quickly and smoothly, of course the developer was able to get a great idea with an excellent application, which made this idea the basis of the game, The way you make you navigate between cars without going out of them? This ability is called Shift. You can simply press the X button up to the top as if the character started flying, and while you move the joystick you can select one of the cars to move to it and to alert only all this happens with the personal eye. This ability develops over time and becomes useful for quick movement of tasks, even if it is only at the edge of the city. All you have to do is move the joystick down, which will make your character see the city at a higher altitude. You can move more freely and move quickly. . This ability explains much of what you mentioned in the previous paragraph such as moving between tasks and cars.

    When you use the power and move to one of the cars, you will go to the driver's place, and when you turn right, you will find the person next to you completes as if you did not notice your sudden move! I will explain the idea again, when the transition will enter the body of the driver and complete the command as if nothing happened and when you see yourself in the mirror you will see your real shape, but the person next to you see the appearance of the real car, and this is what the game in terms of mobility between spy missions, Enter into a car for suspicious characters will start talking to them and gain information that will benefit you a lot. Driving in the game is fun and perfect. If you want to drive from inside the car, you will have the real appearance of the vehicle inside and outside and you can see the road in a better and more realistic way. As you move between the side functions, one of them is interested in entering the contestants and trying to help them finish the race. , But the idea is that the race is divided, two can control them and two are trying to defeat them, but how can you control two cars at the same time? The idea is simple, start the race and try to take first place then move to the other car and try to get them to the first car and start paving the way for the two cars to the finish line. The physics of the game and the way cars collide with each other I find normal or did not reach a high level of technology, developers may want to show a fast game for us and without much damage to cars and this is logical reason because you see the game is full of speed and you must challenge time and there is no place to damage the car Realistically.

    Rate this article Simple review of Driver: San Francisco

    (5/5) 2 ratings


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