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    (4.4/5) 5 rates
    Mrdox, 7 december 2017 22:08

    Simple Review [Battlefield 3]

    The development of the story in general is considered a good experience if we take into account the great drawings of the game with its different environments, herbal and desert, and others, but unfortunately it emerged as a loss of identity and did not provide what distinguishes it from others, as was the case in Bad Company, most of the ideas in this section we have seen before Other games are competitive. In addition, there are some technical errors. For example, the game is saved in an inappropriate position (during the loss), which means that you will lose whenever you try to return from this point of preservation and you will have to return the task from its beginning. A field to mention in these references e.

    The development team wanted to develop a rival story through a more in-depth story, a lot of movie scenes and a more serious and humorous game at Bad Company. The story of the game came as a traditional attempt to set off a war between Russia and the United States By hitting New York with a Russian nuclear bomb by one of the terrorists, Sergeant Blackburn of the US Marines tried to stop the operation but ended up being accused of treason and alliance with the enemy. The way the story was presented was also repeated as Sergeant Blackburn, The various tasks vary from infiltration and intrusion to tank and aircraft riding (you will not be able to fly the plane in the story phase but will control its weapons only). The cinematic character is dominated by the story phase in this part. This is reflected in the sections where you have to execute the commands that appear on Screen (press a specific button) to see a series of fast and consecutive events.

    Multiplayer and CO-OP:

    The Battlefield series has been renowned for its unique and unique role as a whole. It is no exception, combining the advantages of previous parts and new additions, as well as the return of vast maps and jet aircraft to the battlefield, with support for 64 Player for PC version.

    The group phase contains nine different maps, both in terms of industrial, military, urban and other environments, or in terms of unevenness. Small maps will be more suitable for pedestrians and will contain light vehicles only. Large maps that require a long time to walk will contain On tanks, planes and other heavy vehicles, you will surely spend a good amount of time discovering the features of the map.

    The most important part of a group stage is to give full freedom to choose the right style of play for you. Each position may require you to change your style according to the data, taking into account your surroundings and available vehicles, which may play an important role in changing the course of the battle. One of the four Classes available in the game is short:

    • Assault: A specialist in direct confrontation and battlefield invasion, carrying weapons such as M16A4 and AK-74MK, in this part has been added a new feature is the treatment of injured using first aid kit and electric shock.

    • Support: A new class that provides the team with ammunition and is capable of carrying light machine guns.

    • Engineer: Responsible for handling vehicles where enemy vehicles are attacked using a rocket launcher or mine, and has the ability to repair friendly vehicles.

    • Recon: Specializing in long-range confrontations by using sniper weapons, a new feature has been added to this part, namely, setting targets using laser beams.
    The game provides a unique scoring system. Not only does the first position in the round depend on your homicide / death ratio, but there are other things that can bring you lots of points without having to kill an enemy, such as pressing your opponent by shooting a place If you get a member of the team, you can get points by providing one of the snipers with ammunition, treating one of the injured or repairing the vehicles. Surely there are points that you can harvest after the battle ends, especially when you get a prize. Such as the best player award in battle. Points are used in the development of classes, each class is developed independently of the other so you have to choose either focus on one class or distribute points on the classes, giving you greater freedom to play.

    The game also has a cooperative stage that allows you to play with another player in six different missions that contain things that are not in the story stage. The most important is the command of the plane. The cooperative mode seems difficult because of its lack of points of conservation.

    • Battlelog Network:

      Battlelog is a social network dedicated to the game, through which you can perform many tasks such as updating your latest updates and your friends in terms of achievements and future developments, communicating with friends, joining factions. This network is the only way to play cooperative and collective development and browse game servers. , And in fact some may see this as a negative point where you will have to exit the game and back to the browser and the service of Battlelog whenever you want to change the server.

      Technical Effects:

      The visual effects in the PC version of the game can only be described as amazing. The game competes with the game filters on the throne of the best graphical game, but you certainly need to run them on maximum settings to a top-notch graphics card. Everything in the game looks dazzling from the details of different environments to explosions Smoke and collapses in addition to lighting under the sun or under street lighting at night.

      The sound effects also came in perfect and simulated reality, which is one of the most important points of the game, you will feel like you are actually on the battlefield when you hear the sounds of shots around you and the sounds of collapsing buildings and the sounds of vehicles and aircraft to the sounds of rapid breathing of your players when running.

    last word:

    Battlefield 3 did not succeed in presenting a story of its own, but it was clear that its great impact on the other games of this was a loss of identity and innovation, in contrast the game continued in the footsteps of the series to provide a wonderful collective stage and polished distinguish them from other games and may be considered some of the best in this generation, Drawings and sounds that can be described as next-generation.

    Rate this article Simple Review [Battlefield 3]

    (4.4/5) 5 rates


    why do i not find this game on steam anymore....

    19 august 2018 23:18

    wow, this is realistic, i tried and never bored of it

    14 april 2019 13:13

    this is the best game 😃

    24 november 2019 14:48

    well done

    12 december 2017 17:52

    goodd game

    12 december 2017 17:52

    how olds games

    12 december 2017 17:40

    Multiplayer Games are kind of short lived. People get either way too good or they move on to other games.

    8 december 2017 16:25

    Ooh lala, its battle field 5/hardline now, but 3 is was cooler

    8 december 2017 12:25