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    (5/5) 5 rates
    noobda, 7 december 2017 17:27

    Injustice™ 2 [Steam] - Review

    Wondering why the ™ on the Title, as this deserves one, thats why. Ok, let me get this straight, this one of the best fighting games for PC which is on Steam and that too from the great WB Games, so this has the trade mark. Even the game uses DRM Denuvo Anti Tamper to prevent piracy of the game, so you may be thinking that this game utilizes quite a lot amount of CPU usage and RAM, yes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. Either way you're gonna need a pretty good PC or a pretty amazing gaming laptop in order to play this game anyway.

    Injustice™ 2:

    This is a fighting game just like the good old days of Tekken 3 where we used to see the game as pure skill based game and nothing more rather than some pixelated graphics which may be taken for granted. Now, here we see that this game has many things to offer in the first place, starting with the characters, they are all from the DC Universe, well most of you may already have noticed that already. So, what's up with the gameplay and graphics, this is some what tricky and cool, the graphics looks absolutely awesome while the gameplay has a steep learning curve to it.

    So, it has a tagline of 'Build and power up your favourite DC Legends'. Ok so here are some of the steam statistics of the game:

    • Release Date: 1 December 2017 [Steam, final Version of the game]
    • Initial Release: 11th May 2017
    • Developer: NetherRealm Studios and QLOC
    • Engine: Unreal Engine [most commonly used for fighting games these days]
    • Reviews: Very Positive
    • Publisher: Warner Bros. WB Games
    • Game has Single Player mode too, of course its versus CPU
    • Multi-Player Online
    • Local Multi player, oh yeah, LAN
    • Steam Achievements, has 62 achievements
    • Full controller support
    • Has Steam Trading Cards
    • Perhaps the micro transactions here, In-App purchases
    • And the Steam Cloud Saves
    • Has pretty decent amount of DLCs included with it, considering the price of the base game itself is breath taking....

    Here are some of the system requirements to be able to run this game flawlessly...

    > Intel Core i5 Processor or an AMD Ryzen 3

    > Paired with 4Gigs of RAM

    > Along with a decent dedicated graphics card which is capable of handling newer AAA titles flawlessly or you'd have to lower the graphics along with the screen resolution while you play the game

    > The hard disk space available must be around 58-60GB, yes the game is pretty huge, takes up a lot of space to be frank

    I had to admit that the combat in this game is pretty good and appealing compared to other combat games but, yes but there's something to it, not everyone who likes combat games like this game as this has something attached to its combat that makes it better for some people and some people just hate the idea of the game completely. So, in other words, its quite in the foot steps of Tekken 3 and mortal kombat but has its limitations to some extent along with its advantages.


    For all those new people who are looking for a fighting game based on DC Legends and Super Heroes, well this game is absolutely for you and for others who are just willing to play the game for fun and its gameplay idea of combat, you may want to consider the pricing of this game as this isn't quite cheap in order to buy the game and start playing instead of paying, remember Denuvo DRM, yeah, right....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Injustice™ 2 [Steam] - Review

    (5/5) 5 rates


    what a Game Award game, so interesting

    12 december 2019 17:01