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    (4.63/5) 41 rates
    Merisor, 8 september 2018 12:37

    Sniper Elite 4 Review and Story

    Sniper Elite 4
    -Third-person tactical shooter 
    -Developed and published by Rebellion Developments
    -Sequel to Sniper Elite III
    -Released in 14 February 2017
    -Price: 59,99€

                Sniper Elite 4 is  the forth game from the Sniper Elite series . The game takes place after the events from Sniper Elite 3 . The main protagonist is a well trained sniper named Karl Fairburne , he's mission is to investigate the Nazi weapon..   Karl Fairburne which was the main character in  the first 3 games. The whole action takes place in Italy in the year 1943 , close to the end of WW2.
    The story starts with a group of UK Royal Navy which are sent to investigate a rumor about a new Nazi weapon  , their ship is sunk close to the  island of San Celini.  This is where the well known sniper  Karl Fairburne is sent to gather information about the new weapon. He is tasked with killing General Tobias Schmidt and a others Nazi officers  who participated in the attack. After he manage to kill them Karl Fairburne is sent to Bitanti in order to find Sofia "Angel" Di Rocco , a resistance group.  After he finds Angel , who's not trusting them because her father was captured  , allowed by OSS  , she tells him to destroy a railway gun located at Regelino Viaduct , so he can prove himself and to convince the group to enter the fight.
            After he finishes with the rail gun he is sent to investigate a dockyard and call air support in order to destroy the building.  He finds out that the Sicilian Mafia was helping him to slow down the shipment of the weapon.  He meets with Salavatore Dinelli  who agrees to help him only if he kills  Piero Capo , the  leader of Black Brigade. Fairburne infiltrates a base and kidnaps  Kessler  and get's his research to . After he is interrogated  he tells Angel that her father is still alive , by doing that Partisans go on a attack to town of Giovi Fiorini . It turns out that  Kessler  was lying and he was dying of cancer , so he had nothing to lose.
              Fairburne goes to Giovi Fiorini to eliminate Rothbauer , the whole thing being a trap resulted in the massacre of the Partisans . SOE finds out that Böhm knows about the Operation Avalanche ( Invasion of Italy ) and he build missiles  in order to stop the invasion. Fairburne get's in the base and he disable all the missiles  . While he was calling for air support , Angel get's captured by Dorfmann ( SOE informant) who turns out to be Böhm.  He kills Angel than goes to his plane. Fairburne shoots the engine of the plane  killing Böhm . In the end OSS  offers Karl Fairburne  a job , he says he will think about it. The end!
             The gameplay is similar with Sniper Elite 3 , a tactical shooter with the option of stealth. When you shot  an enemy from a long distance  using the sniper , the X-ray camera mode will show you the trajectory of the bullet , the impact and the exit of the bullet. It shows the bones and organs of the target , they added stealth kills , melee kills and shrapnel kills to the list of X-ray kills, unlucky Sniper Elite 3. When you don't use a silencer you will alert the enemy around and they will start looking for you. The games has added night missions in which you can shot the light in order to gain an advantage over the enemy. The game also has a cooperative mode and multiplayer .
         There are 17 snipers in the game and 11 pistols. You can also upgrade your weapons and use skins on them . There is also a skill tree you can use to improve the stability , get more items from searching bodies ,  increase  the efficiency  of the bandages. , reduce the fall damage , the explosions damage , etc. .While you are shooting by pressing one key you will stop breathing , by doing that you will be more accurate and you will be able to see where the bullet will land. 
    My opinion about the game and should you buy the game?
               The game is very similar with Sniper Elite 3 but with some improvements , the story is very well made and inspireed by real life events . I really like the gameplay , i like do to everything as stealth as possible. I really enjoy the game and the dlcs , the game without dlc is around 11 hours of gameplay , only the story but if you want to complete everything you can get up to 30 hours of gameplay. Overall the game is very nice but in my opinion is a little overpriced , is a long game , that's true , but 60€ is a little to much . And not only that but if you want a DLC to kill Hitler you also need to pay another 10€.
               In conclusion i recommend the game but if you want it you should wait for a sale. I hope you enjoyed my article , thank you for your time!

    Rate this article Sniper Elite 4 Review and Story

    (4.63/5) 41 rates



    25 september 2018 03:46

    wow amazing i will work with it

    16 october 2018 14:29

    good game

    8 october 2018 12:47


    22 october 2018 20:27

    boom headshot

    21 october 2018 12:57

    nice that u added the price name etc of the gane

    2 october 2018 22:37

    Koko mi noge smrde

    22 october 2018 13:34

    It's not the best but it ain't the worst so keep improving

    4 december 2019 12:02

    i like this game, play in single mission and multiplayer

    15 august 2019 10:05

    by doing that you will be more accurate and you will be able to see where the bullet will land.

    27 november 2019 03:54