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    (4.63/5) 24 rates
    Vaaren, 24 december 2018 09:35

    Smash Ultimate: DLC Character Wishlist

       Super Smash Bros: Ultimate has the largest character roster to date. But that doesn't matter to me. I still want new shiny characters to be added to the roster. This list will show video game characters I want to be added to the Super Smash Brothers universe. We've seen characters like Solid Snake, Cloud, and Simon Belmont added to the roster. So hoping for the unlikely characters isn't that crazy anymore.  For those of you who were hoping for more Fire Emblem characters I will let you know something now. No, there won't be any Fire Emblem characters on this list.

    5. Travis Touchdown
    From: No More Heroes

    Related image

          No More Heroes is the infamous Suda51 game released on the Wii. Travis Touchdown is a crude and carefree assassin who has no qualms about killing others. Oh and he’s also an otaku who loves wrestling. Travis fights with a beam saber that he won on an online auction. His fighting style is as crude as his personality. He loves bashing in the faces of his enemies with his saber and with his wrestling moves.
           His unrefined brawler style of fighting would differentiate him from the ocean of other sword users. Also he has a beam saber, and that’s pretty sick. Just imagine this man talking smack to a small Pokemon while crippling their Pokemon trainer with a full force pile-driver.  If that did not sound fun to you then you are probably way more well adjusted than I am.

    4. Hector

    From: Castlevania

    Image result for Hector Castlevania

       When I heard about the addition of Castlevania characters to the Smash roster I was excited. But when I heard who it was I was disappointed. With characters like Trevor Belmont, Alucard, and Dracula himself the addition of Richter and Simon let me down. My first Castlevania game was Castlevania: Curse of Darkness with the protagonist Hector.

      Hector is a former servant of Dracula. After becoming disgusted with the death around him he abandoned his place next to Dracula. Years after Dracula’s fall to Trevor Belmont, Hector returned to defeat his former comrade Isaac and to stop the resurrection of Dracula. He uses a variety of melee weapons including spears, swords, and axes. He also fights with the aid of his “Innocent Devils” which are demon summons. His moveset could revolve around the usage of different weapons and through manipulating his innocent devils.

    3. Okami Amaterasu

    From: Okami

    Image result for Okami

      Okami is a pretty old game released originally only the PS2 in 2006 and it has since been re-released on multiple platforms including the Wii. In the original title Okami Amaterasu is a sun god that has returned to Nippon in the form of a wolf to free the land from a curse of a powerful demon.

     Amaterasu fights using “Divine Instruments”, which range from shields, to rosaries, to blades. In addition to these weapons Amaterasu fights using Celestial Brush Techniques. Amaterasu can alter reality by drawing patterns. The powers in the traditional game include the power to cut, wind, lightning, fire and even slowing down time.

     The ability to play as a wolf on all fours and the celestial brush techniques would allow for a really unique character to play as.

    2. Zero

    From: Megaman Zero Series

    Image result for Megaman Zero

     Megaman characters are no strange to the Smash series. And yet Zero still hasn’t been added as a playable character.

     Back in the Gameboy Advance days there was a side scrolling series called Megaman Zero. I remember fondly, playing every single one of the games. Zero used his signature Z-Saber and dashed around arenas taking down his enemies in Neo-Arcadia. I want that character to return in Smash Ultimate. Zero probably hasn’t been added because of the surplus of sword users. However his saber can have a moveset that is different enough to have placed in the game. Plus he uses a lightsaber and come on that is pretty sick.

    1. Dante

    From: Devil May Cry

    Image result for Dante Devil May Cry 2

       This is an entry that needs no introduction. Dante has made appearances in the strangest of games. I even remember him appearing in the RPG Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Dante is a stylish gunslinging, sword wielding, demon slaying unit. It seems ridiculous that Bayonetta has gotten a spot on the roster before one of the most iconic video game characters.

     Dante’s moveset slots in perfectly with the Smash series. I can just imagine using stinger on an unsuspecting Pichu. A greater focus on his guns Ebony and Ivory could greatly distinguish him as a character. And just the thought of his potential taunts leaves me screaming at Nintendo to release Dante as a DLC character.

    Rate this article Smash Ultimate: DLC Character Wishlist

    (4.63/5) 24 rates


    I don't think Dante will ever come to smash. Capcom won't let him

    25 december 2018 20:45

    the characters are cool

    25 february 2019 18:41

    Super Smash Bros Is Amazing!

    25 december 2018 11:27

    good job

    25 december 2018 20:30

    This article is amazing

    26 december 2018 06:42

    Wow very impressive

    26 december 2018 06:39

    make at least 10, this is too short

    27 june 2020 10:20

    what a nice wishlist. Sadly, i don't think amaterasu or dante join in. They're both on the Sony All-Stars smash-thing i think

    The thing with Zero or even waluigi is that they're assist trophies, so i dont think they'll be fighters anytime soon

    25 december 2018 23:03

    I didn't put Waluigi because frankly I don't really care if he is in smash ;(

    25 december 2018 09:16

    I will try more articles like this and do my best to make it better than this.
    I appreciate the feedback👍

    25 december 2018 09:15