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    Mrdox, 8 december 2017 13:59

    Simple Review Syndicate

     Syndicate is a very old title dating back to 1993 AD It was a tactical strategy game at the time, which spanned several parts and reached the three parts of a range of devices such as Mega Drive and SNES and of course personal computers specialized in this type of games, the game of Syndicate but This time it was fully reputed after almost 15 years and was transformed into a correction game from the first perspective of the development of Starbreeze studios as I mentioned earlier.

    The game Syndicate is a very excellent correction mechanism that gives a realistic atmosphere, especially with the realistic mode of motion, which I consider to be a mixture between Crisys 2 and Killzone 3, 
    which is heavy and smooth at the same time. When switching weapons you will feel a lot of realism when the hero closes the safety valve for the weapon or opens it. , This is one of the most successful factors in the game and is in fact one of the main factors in every game correction from the first perspective, the success of the mechanism of correction and the way of movement will enjoy the player in the game, in addition to the hero has the capabilities of the DART 6 planted inside it Estimated the vision of enemies From behind the barriers and at the same time will change the colors of the show to become enemies colors clear and there is slow in their movement and you have three types of attack capabilities next to the firearms Suicide will make the enemy fly in front of you kill himself and also the pacifier is pushing the enemy and finally control the enemy And make it in your class and fight enemies with you and if there are no enemies in the place will commit suicide directly! These capabilities are called Hacking capabilities. The real fun is to mix firearming and hacking at the same time, especially when enemies are condensing. You have to work your tactics to get rid of them.

    You can develop the agent KK through the capacity tree presented to you in the game, the capacity tree in Syndicate does not add real advantages to you, for example, the ability of the vision behind the barriers can be used for a longer period or will increase the rate of energy recovery and the work of refilling is faster, On the other segments of the leaders or certain personalities. In addition, Syndicate offers an abundant arsenal of weapons, each with a specific use and a special method, such as the machine gun, which sets the target and the shots will go directly to him. Also, conventional weapons such as machine guns, The Magician Almost every weapon has two methods of use such as a sniper rifle that can be used with or without a remote scooter, and explosive and flash grenades are available.

    The game has excellent industrial intelligence for the enemies, you will notice how they will use different ways to eliminate you and will be a great challenge for you in every face, especially as there is a good variety of enemy types, including those who have an electric shield, you must first disable the electric field that is about by hacking and then space Imagine this site and with five or six of the normal enemies around you it will be very difficult and exciting. Also unique in Syndicate is fighting enemies. It is very fun and offers new ideas of some kind and will make you think a bit about how to eliminate the leader.

    There is not much to explore in the world of Syndicate. The cat's breakfast is very linear but gives you very good free spaces to fight and make tactics suitable for your game style. The main stage or story phase will not take you long. It is good for the game. This stage is one of the main features of Syndicate. The number of players in the cooperative stage is up to four players on the net. You can perform many tasks together and collect points for weapons development. And unlock new capabilities as you can Create an official team on the syndicate server and register an official name to put your own logo and get points to top the list of the leader and challenge the other teams, but unfortunately the cooperative stage does not support the division of the screen you can play online only.


    Rate this article Simple Review Syndicate

    (5/5) 1 rating


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