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    Mrdox, 8 december 2017 13:39

    Simple Review Diablo III

    Diablo is one of the most famous PC games from the mid to late nineties, and is one of the classic computer games that the Hardcore followers have long loved. Blizzard decided to bring the series back to life after waiting for the fans for a long time. This time, Diablo returns in the third part of the technically advanced generation of games, to show the series in a very exciting and wonderful way. The game is over and we have put our hands on the third part of the game and we have had very enjoyable times on our computers, or I say this time on the Mac because Blizzard decided to issue the game on Apple also.

    • I will play my way
      In Diablo 3 it is different from other Western RPG games. You do not design your character, but you choose from certain classifications with fixed characters, such as barbarian, hunter, monsters and others. But later on with changing the armor, the robe and others, your character will become different. The game also moves away from the question of giving you the ability to choose how to develop your personality while climbing up the hill, where there are new skills and abilities that you learn consistently and prearranged at each level. But how can there be fun without having the freedom to play differently from others, especially on the net? Well here comes the issue of customizing the fighting style and choosing different ways of playing for each person.

      At certain stages of the development of your level in the game you will get new skills divided into 6 different boxes, that you can employ six skills and abilities at the same time. But each box has certain skills and each skill is adjustable by different properties called runes. If you have 6 slots to assign a variety of skills, here comes the pleasure of customization, as each player will find himself a distinctive way in the game and will build his own strategy based on the skills he learned. Even sometimes you will learn skills that may not seem attractive at first but may come back to you later when you find new skills that are more appropriate.

      Fun in companionship
      Some may choose to play Diablo alone, but we must say that playing with a friend or more is more fun than playing solo. Your player can join your game at any time, and certainly the game balances the difficulty by the number of players each time. You can exchange the tools and also display some of them in Auction House. The strange thing in the game is that the weapons that will be collected while playing many of them for other types of players and can not be used, but always find strong weapons to other players, making the Ocean House full of excellent weapons and reasonable prices because of their availability. Also, you can often buy powerful weapons from the store, which will often be better than 90% of the tools that may fall from enemies.

      But the truth is that the collection of weapons and tools is fun, and there is a great feeling when giving your friend a weapon or a tool that may be really pleased. There are also some tools and weapons that give you a clear advantage on the side you are really looking for. Strength does not always increase your strength, it depends on your class. There is also blacksmith who can break the tools you do not need to extract basic materials and be new weapons and tools for you.

      great experience
      Even if you play Diablo 3 with your friends, the game gives you the same wonderful feeling as if you were playing an individual game. There is a deep story and many wonderful characters and do not forget CG shows are very beautiful. But Blizzard does not refuse to leave room for the sour taste in your mouth. The movie clips during the group play will be challenged as soon as one of the players presses the exit button, and the other player will lose watching the footage without prior warning. But Diablo in the final is a very wonderful experience, for the individual and the community, and there is a lot to do especially with several classifications of players and several additional difficulties after finishing the basic difficulty.

      Blizzard succeeded in bringing Diablo back into the arena and through the gate of the current generation technically terrifying. We do not deny that some people are disturbed by server problems or by imposing the online issue, but everything else is a beautiful painting and a classic RPG game for PC and Mac that can not be easily missed.


    Rate this article Simple Review Diablo III

    (5/5) 1 rating


    only 1 rating :( hope that you don't lose you interest

    14 april 2019 13:12