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    Rate this article "Shadow of the Tomb Raider - review."

    (4.57/5) 14 rates
    Noutbraz, 22 december 2018 01:20

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider - review.


    Shadow of The Tomb Raider - an exciting, beautiful, interesting, addictive game! Lara Croft - a favorite character. And I am not an exception. I remember Lara from ancient times, and watched in some sense her transformation. By the way, I liked Lara's restart in 2013. A good start for the first page of the adventure. The game impresses with its graphics of the surrounding world, to get full enjoyment of the game, you need a really powerful computer. Captures from the first minute. It will be doubly clearer and more interesting to play if the user has passed the previous parts.


    To begin with, in the new plot, there are features and differences from the previous parts, which literally became a big plus in this game, but there are not so many of them, but they play an important role in the plot. The trump card is humanity, but Lara is no longer a flint, which takes 200 lives per game and still had consequences, now she knows the responsibility of every committed action, and you feel it, it plays into your hands. And the plot began to go more at a slow pace, 10% so accurate. I would not call the plot above perfection, but it is much better than before. In general, the story about the artifact, which the villain wants to seize, to change the world for themselves or destroy it, and you, as always, for the sake of interest, duty and curiosity should stop it.

    Gameplay and puzzles.

    From the point of view, the gameplay has hardly changed, but there are still small changes. The first thing I want to start with is vertical shelters (walls, leaves in the wall ), smearing in mud for effect, it brings its own charm, but this innovation will not surprise you for a long time. Improved shooting, now it is much nicer, Lara has more arsenal, but more often you will use the bow again. The logic in buying weapons a little puzzled why, for example, a people whose resources are limited have so many weapons. And while you calmly buy them. I know - this is for the sake of gameplay interest, but earlier Croft was a master of all trades. As for the dolls, they are just as simple and not memorable as in the previous parts, but some audience loved it, this series of games is for this, in the next part you need to work on this notably. You can also pump skills Lara, gaining skill points. Buying additional skills, you can make Lara stronger, more attentive and dangerous, which can help in passing. The system of improvements and crafting have been slightly modified. And now you can pick up clothes for Lara separately on the top and bottom. You can also find "sketches" for some products, passing crypts and opening sarcophagi. From the found bills, you can make things by finding a base camp.

    The technical component of the game.

    The music is quite interesting and atmospheric, you should give a plus for it. I love when games are developed in all directions. The graphics are amazing, such games allow you to notice that progress does not stand still. This is a huge plus of the game that you can admire the beautiful surroundings and nature, and visit where not everyone could. But optimization is probably the weakest side of the game, there are always some crashes, friezes, overheating, of course I can’t have a little luck. The streamers were even less fortunate, they had very severe problems, now they are gradually correcting everything, but they could have done it right away. I personally did not suffer from optimizing the previous parts, so I expected a good one, but not fate.


    Shadow of The Tomb Raider is quite a strong product of the series, but it may not be the best, I think it is worth solving for each of us, although the game spoils with its gameplay and history, but it is very distressing in terms of puzzles, logic of some moments and technical side. I think the series needs some promising changes to diversify and at the same time preserve the best in the next part of the game. And so my modest estimate is 8 out of 10. With this game it's nice to spend several evenings, imbued with the atmosphere of an expedition in the jungle.

    Rate this article Shadow of the Tomb Raider - review.

    (4.57/5) 14 rates


    I need a pc upgrade before i can play this. This is good stuff.

    23 december 2018 05:02

    didnt really play many of the raider games but this one looks worth buying

    17 may 2019 14:45

    great job)

    23 december 2018 04:30

    Amaizing graphics i have to say, good gaming expirience and verry good

    1 august 2019 19:47

    worth it dude

    28 december 2018 02:43

    I really like tomb raider

    1 june 2020 10:05

    great game i like the graphic are high and focused on fine details such as trees and plants also the gameplay give you
    Feeling adventurous anthe story is realy amazing. thank for this article

    15 october 2019 19:39

    Can't say I agree with any of you. This is the worst Tomb Raider since the reboot. The story is horribly bad after you reach the hidden city. And that ending, oh my god, it's so stupid and nowhere near as spectacular as the prev. games.

    Most "puzzles" are the same old and boring rope-arrow one. There is very little fight and a large part of the game is limited(!) to using the bow. Most skills are meaningless.

    Human enemy doesn't respawn ever. However birds do, in a matter of seconds so you can get unlimited xp from them. Not that you need it. Crafting materials also respawns -> not much point of finding hidden ones since you can just return to where you were and pick everything up again.

    The first weapon of all types you get are the best. You can buy others but they are all worse overall.

    Also I feel now the **** you can collect is way too much. The backstory they provide are also dull.

    Graphics is nice indeed and area itself is good too.

    I found no technical issues. In fact the optimization is better then the 2nd game.

    25 december 2018 21:42

    It is one of the longest Tomb Raider I have been able to play, its history is at the height of any previous installment, it also preserves many of the playable mechanics of the other games, it is spectacular what the developers did with this game.

    27 march 2020 19:06

    This is the best tomb raider game

    24 december 2018 14:28