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    (3.94/5) 16 rates
    KayZeeSlayerCsgo, 21 december 2018 21:16

    Best CSGO StatTrack Skins

    Counter Strike is an first person shooter video game that is very popular in the history of shooting games. It is very addicting game and Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the popular games in counter strike history. Without skins Counter Strike Global Offensive would not be as popular or as much fun as it is right now. StatTrack are a type of attachment that is attached to any skin that is unboxed from a case or is bought directly from steam community market place.Keep in mind thought that getting StatTrack on a skin is a little rare.

    In this list i am going to recommend you top 5 skins that look so great with StatTrack in CSGO and you should really buy them.Note that the prices could go a lot high and i am just recommending you not forcing you to buy them so think before you empty your wallet!

    StatTrack :

    StatTrack is a rare attachment to any skin which makes it more beautiful and expensive at the same time.The main reason for StatTrack is that it Counts the number of kills you get with the specific skin.This make the skin so much more smooth and attractive.

    1) StatTrack SSG 08 Blood In The Water :

    This skin In my opinion is the best skin for SSG 08.Blood In The Water just looks so awesome.It has really cool textures and details.Cool looking mixture of blue and red.This skin look more sick when it has a StatTrack on it but sadly it increase in price which is only for high budget inventory so i recommend to buy this in a low wear if you want to get a StatTrack on it.Starting from $156.5 to below $50,It is kind of expensive but totally worth it.

    2) StatTrack USP-S Orion :

    USP-S Orion is the one of the best looking skin for USP-S.If you are a USP-S player and are good at it, make sure you buy this skin and if you are willing to throw up some more money buy a StatTrack of this skin and you wont regret it at all.This skin is always my favorite skin from USP-S so far and its in my top favorite skin list.Starting from $119 to $33.58 and surprisingly factory new is much cheaper than battle scared.Battle scared version is good looking to many people so that's why its expensive but if you like factory new do buy this skin.

    3) StatTrack SG 553 Tiger Moth :

    SG 553 is a little under rated gun but if you try it really give some juicy head shots which are so sick and those sick shots with a sick skin is just so awesome.This skin gives the same experience.This skin is very unique and very attracting as well.It have very detailed and bright texture to it and the orange mixture is very beautiful but if it is in StatTrack this get on a whole new level.Its very cheap and is affordable for every one even in StatTrack. Starting from $27 to $2.87 is a very good choice to chose this wonderful skin in StatTrack.

    4) StatTrack AWP Fever Dream :

    AWP is an powerful weapon, every one should have an AWP skin with StatTrack with it.The skin would also be affordable and cheap for everyone. Awp fever dream is a beautiful skin which in my opinion is the best attracting and good looking cheapest AWP skin in the game is the AWP fever Dream.Starting from $30 to $14.11, its very cheap for an AWP StatTrack. But if you do not want to use 30 bucks than you can buy a different wear like feild tested which is relatively cheap and is affordable for everyone.

    5) StatTrack AK-47 FrontSide Misty :

    AK-47 is a very popular weapon and everyone that plays shooting video games is familiar with this gun. StatTrack AK-47 Frontside misty is the best StatTrack and cheap skin for the AK.The price is decent and many medium range people could buy this skin.The front side misty looks so beautiful and the black,white and blue color are so well mixed up.The skin is very good looking in every wears but StatTrack makes is so much more sick but the price could be a little over hand.Starting from $102.42 to $24. you can even get a knife from this price.i would recommend to buy the field tested wear because it have not much difference and the price gap is huge and save the money for some other skins in the list.

    This was it guys.Hope this article helped you to get any good StatTrack skin which is also cheap.I included all ranges for people to choose fro (cheap to expensive).please rate my article it took me a lot of time ;D

    Rate this article Best CSGO StatTrack Skins

    (3.94/5) 16 rates


    Interesting article. Thank you. By the way my favourite one is USP-S Orion.

    6 september 2020 16:26

    Well done,pretty good!

    22 december 2018 12:26

    Well done

    20 june 2020 11:44

    I love the ak and the awp skins are perfect. My opinion.

    22 december 2018 19:41

    have to say, its a good article

    22 december 2018 12:08

    SG Tiger Moth looks really nice

    9 may 2020 12:10

    Well done! Good job keep it up! 😉

    8 may 2020 09:40

    1.) Fix commas
    2.) Fix capital letters
    3.) Needs more content

    nice article anyway

    3 april 2019 16:06

    I hope csgo boxes can be unlocked through grinding.

    22 december 2018 13:48

    well done

    22 december 2018 11:51