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    FarrelwiZ, 5 december 2017 19:03

    Save 10 Game Developer of the Roll Mats

    In each game has its own story. Sometimes the game is made for fans demand, because of their own desires, or maybe because it was their last hope to get up again. Sometimes we do not know a great franchise that we play now initially be the last chance the developers to not leave this industry. And the developer may not think if their last game is what will bring them from adversity into a large company.

    Here are 10 games that save developers from bankruptcy:

    1. Final Fantasy

    For a game with the word " final" in it, this game is not seen no sign of coming to a close at all. Now there are 15 main games and dozens of spin-offs and sub-series of this franchise, and will continue to grow over time. Then what is the meaning behind the title of the game?

    Some people say this game is titled so because this is the last game creator - Hironobu Sakaguchi before retiring from the game studio and go back to college. This is true, but there is a larger story of the title of this game. Square in the financial crisis in 1987 ago. They are facing bankruptcy if it was unable to fix the financial problems. Then there designers try to create one more game that will be their last hope to bounce back, a game of turn-based fantasy-themed RPG called "Final Fantasy".

    Unexpectedly, their last hope is selling well in the market. The game sold 400,000 copies for the Famicom version, and for the NES version sold up to 700,000 copies. Success that is not expected to have made the Square continues to create a JRPG with the same formula until now one of the largest game publishers we know as Square Enix.

    2. Spyro the Dragon

    Xtreme Games begin travel as game developers to create games Doom clone for Panasonic 3DO console. This is because devkit 3DO Doom relatively cheap and became the most popular game at the time. Unfortunately for the console to be unpopular and branded as one of the worst console ever, the game is not sold much.

    Xtreme Games then switch to the console Sony Playstation in hopes of bring a greater advantage, unfortunately their first game on the console, Disrupt, was successful in terms of sales though get a satisfactory review. With all of the games do not bring no advantage at all, they decided to create a game again. Seeing the success of Crash Bandicoot and gamer demographics in 90s most teenagers platformer game fans, Xtreme Games decided to create a platformer game collectathon style of Banjo and Kazooie  but with character dragon - Spyro the Dragon.

    From here they took the decision to change its name to Imsoniac Games. And because of the success of Spyro the Dragon along with two sequels, they now become one of Sony's flagship developer in addition to Naughty Dog.

    3. Life is Strange

    Dontnod Games start their career with a scifi themed action games - Remember Me. Unfortunately the game was criticized badly, resulting in sales also did not meet their targets at all. At this time, the Paris studio faced financial crisis and threatened with bankruptcy. With a minimal budget, they experiment with formulas game story driven  ala Telltale Games and created Life is Strange.

    Episodic games and teen-themed time travel is unexpectedly received positively by critics and gamers. This game even received awards  best story in a variety of prestigious awards ceremony. The second game that saved them from bankruptcy and now they will continue the game while trying to re-create the Class AAA game titled Vampyr .

    4. Conan Exiles

    With the game The Park and Lego minifigures MMO far from successful, experienced Funcom financial crisis and had to borrow money from investors to avoid bankruptcy. They tried to make a game more to follow the trend of the genre of  survival in a recent Steam titled Conan Exiles. If the game is not sold well, the company would have gone bankrupt. Fortunately, features  penis slider makes the game can save their company from bankruptcy.

    Within a week of its release, the profits generated from the game has exceed the capital making the game, and could only continue to grow if the game has been out of  early access . Vice presdent of Funcom, Lawrence Poe, Conan Exiles stare success can only say "Who would have thought a big penis stare teen laugh can save our company?"

    5. Angry Birds

    Before Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment made 51 java games for other publishers such as Namco and EA. Everything went smoothly until they decided to create their own game. Rovio in conditions of crisis and almost bankrupt at the beginning of 2009. They need to create a game that will be successful in the market. Dozens concept to think about, until they finally agreed to do the concept of Jaakooo Iisalo. Iisalo proposed the idea to make a game on the hit cartoon round bird collection colorful blocks. The idea sounded genius to them.

    Once the game is finished, they are in doubt whether people will like the game. The boss of Rovio - Niklas Hed nearly cancel the project as a whole because they doubt the game will be a success. But the doubts disappeared immediately after seeing his grandmother that non-gamers hooked playing the game his grandson to forget to check cooking that has been scorched. From that moment, Niklas started the game optimistic and released for iOS and Meemo in December 2009. Not unexpectedly, the game that had him in doubt for the release has now become one of the largest mobile franchise, have a movie adaptation and sponsorship at Everton.

    6.  Nier Automata 

    Platinum Games to be one of the best action game developers today. But behind their masterpieces as Bayonetta, Vanquish, Wonderful 101, etc. Sales were not as sweet as the review of the game can get. Bayonetta 2, which is one of the best sequels in this modern era had to be exclusive WiiU because they do not have complete charge of the game and only Nintendo wants to finance them.

    After the cancellation Scalebound by Microsoft, Platinum Games further in a financial crisis and has the potential of going out of business. Fortunately Nier Automata and Yoko Taro became the savior of the Japanese studio. Hideki Kamiya thank you profusely to Yoko Taro after Nier Automata sold 1.5 million copies digitally. If there is the moral of the story is Platinum Games, ass anime changed everything.

    7. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

    Studio famous for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4 of this would probably be by now if not for Morrowind. The game became a favorite game from Todd Howard because that's what saved game from the Bethesda their difficult times.

    After Daggerfall, they are in a critical condition in the late 90s. They threatened closures after expansion Redguard Daggerfall is Battlespire and sold poorly. Not only there, other games that they create in addition to The Elder Scrolls like Skynet and The 10th Planet away from the word "behavior".

    After becoming part of the ZeniMax, Todd Howard and his team began to remove all their ideas for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. From this point, Todd and his team is not afraid to go bankrupt. Like  all out in poker games, they bet on everything to Morrowind. Various features created for Morrowind ambitious, and the results are satisfactory. Not only Morrowind become their most successful game at the time, but also a standard for their next game.

    8. Crash Bandicoot

    Clock Software discovered in September 1984 by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin. This small studio is only able to make small games for the publisher as minor as they are. Want to become a bigger studio, Clock Software renamed Naughty Dog and create game Rings of Power for the Sega Genesis. The game was received so poorly by critics and sangking poorly they are threatened with bankruptcy.

    But Naughty Dog would not give up and they also can be said to be "crazy". They could somehow make a bid get 3 games with Universal Interactive Studios though no one of their promising game.

    The first game they made after this cooperation tends  Way of the Warrior . Just like Rings of Power, this game was hated by critics and gamers as well as poor sales. From here they do not want to play anymore or they will close the studio. They decided to make their most ambitious game, a game with the codename "Sonic's Ass game". The concept that comes from their heads to this game is a 3D platformer in which the player not have to worry about the camera as well as animal mascots to beat Sonic. From here they decided to take the linear gameplay and bandicoot as the main character.

    Crash Bandicoot sold 6.8 million copies, becoming a remarkable number for them. Not only this game into the early success of Naughty Dog, the game also brings Playstation successfully compete with Nintendo.

    9. Pillars of Eternity

    Obsidian Entertainment is one of the talented RPG developers are less appreciated. They made a sequel to Star Wars: GROSS and Fallout New Vegas are both equally good although the full development process limitations. Obsidian Entertainment is almost bankrupt after the project Aliens: Crucible RPG was canceled. The game has cost the studio of capital, and therefore the impact of the cancellation of the game was quite remarkable in their monthly payments.

    Luckily they were rescued by the Pillars of Eternity project after the project was introduced in Kickstarter. With the promise to give Classic RPG in the style of Baldur's Gate and Planescape, the Kickstarter pocketed $ 4.3 million over the target they are only asking for $ 1 million.

    The money is more than enough to turn the studio. And coupled with the Pillars of Eternity sold with incredible on Steam, Obsidian is now in its peak as an indie RPG developer.

    10. Journey

    Game of Thatgamecompany this being a unique game when violent games meet the gaming market. These games focus by making the player feel lonely and find out the mystery behind the area they're searching.

    The development process of Journey classified as the most challenging moment for Thatgameofcompany. They should have released the game early due to lack of funds. However, because the director Jenova Chen really want these games provide exceptional emotional effects to the gamer, he went on the game's development. Many staff were not paid due to lack of fund. Financial problems continue to attack the studio made a lot of important staff quit and move.

    After the extra time to the development of this Journey is done, the results are quite satisfactory. 25 game tester made cry with the end result game, this game became the best-selling in the Playstation Network, wins Game of the Year in numerous prestigious awards and Chen also get a letter from a 15-year girl who had died. The girl in the letter to thank those who have given so emotional game before he breathed his last. Without these delays, all this is not necessarily the case and Chen are proud to have chosen the right decision.

    Rate this article Save 10 Game Developer of the Roll Mats

    (5/5) 1 rating


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