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    FarrelwiZ, 5 december 2017 19:13

    7 Best Indie Game Ever

    indie games are the games that made independently by a party without the aid of a game publisher. They typically focus on innovation with different gameplay than the games in the market. Usually these indie games should be able to compete in the online game media to be able to rise to the surface, and be famous among gamers. Here are 7 independent gaming that we think are the best ever, which can be seen from the number of players, and also the quality of the gameplay is very innovative. Then just observe the following games:

    FTL: Faster Than Light


    FTL or Faster Than Light is an artificial Indie game Subset Games that could be considered similar to strategy games that already exist at the time you were small yes approximately 90s. However, with a touch of the future, Faster Than Light is quite popular among the gamers of this century. With a price of $ 10. This game is in demand among users of Steam. You'll never be sorry for trying this one game, because the fun of games like this is second to none. This game also get a rating 10 out of 10 on Steam and perfect rating on various gaming review site. If you're curious, you can open the first gameplay FTL Faster Than Light or above, who knows you even be interested abis open gameplay.



    Well if this one game is one of the favorite indie game mimin for Fez is a game that is mild and pleasant. With a choice of very bright colors and the level of complexity is quite challenging Fez is arguably very worthy entry into this list. Released by Phil Fish in 2012, Fez is priced at $ 10. With a good enough quality gameplay, as well as the considerable number of levels, Fez get a positive review in Steam and some other websites. Although it looks simple, but the quality of the pleasure given high enough anyway! Moreover Fez also has a soundtrack that is good for didengerin. So you can cobain deh if this one game, try to watch first review from IGN about this game if you still think-think for this game cobain.




    This roleplay game has drawn curious gamers American of his time. Game Toby Fox game studio release of American origin is considered to be one of the best Indie games stau and rightly so. Undertale released in July 2016 and reached the perfect review from critics game. Sure, if you compare the games released in 2016, may Undertale almost nothing bludgeon various aspects. But if you love the game with a good story and funny, this is a game that you have to cobain. Undertale is very popular with humor, even if in terms of visuals, this game can damage your eyes. But mace hurts tried to play this game too!

    Rocket League


    Who else Gatau Rocket League? This game has a very high success on Steam until now from the start of its release in mid-2015 ago. Released by Psyonix, this game combines two things that are very pleasant. Football and Cars. Yes, you are going to play ball with a car that you can control yourself. Rows penghargaanpun easily achieved by this game, one of which is the best Indie Games in 2015. Keseruan it offers is indeed hard to resist, so no harm you try this one game to fill your free time for the duration of the game is not too long , Ya example of a Gaming YouTuber gameplay Indonesia.


    Five Nights at Freddy’s


    Released in August 2014, Five Nights at Freddy's success by pretty fast compared to some other indie games. Hawton Scott's homemade games are surprisingly in demand in the market. Survival Horror themed game that is very stressful, especially when played alone. With success, this game dkembangkan to a variety of platforms ranging from the PC to the mobile, because it can not be denied again demand very much. Ask me your question your friends who've never tried this game, definitely almost all of them would recommend you to try this one game.

    Angry Birds


    Legendary mobile game this one turned out to be made by an independent developer tablets. Angry Birds Rovio Entertainment which is a release that was released in December 2009 and immediately viral among fans of mobile gaming. All walks of life-even to try this game, which is actually very simple. On this success, Rovio Entertainment-also make the next series of the game Angry Birds. Not only there, Angry Birds is also to be developed into a film tablet. Despite passing his time, but if you check your friend's gadget, often you can still find one in a series of Angry Birds game. So natural that Angry Birds into this list, if for you who Gatau how far the Angry Birds is already emerging now, you try clay latest preview of one of the Angry Birds series above.




    Who would Gatau this game? Minecraft arguably a very simple game, but somehow very addictive for the fans. After its release a few years ago, within one month, has millions of players playing this game. Make developer, 4J Studios and Mojang overwhelmed dealing with the players. In the end, Minecraft is now one of the best games ever. Even being one game with the most viewers on Youtube and Twitch. Perhaps because the concept that is friendly to children and gameplanya relaxed, but still intriguing that makes many people addicted to play it. Even if bored with the usual game, many Mod made by the players who are sometimes much better than the original game.

    That's 7 or Independent Indie games of all time. Sometimes it does not need substantial capital to make a game that is known throughout the world. Creativity and unique breakthrough that could make a well-known game and played a lot of people. No ideals you make games? or have a list of your favorite indie game? Share dong in the comments below! Later we discuss together.

    Rate this article 7 Best Indie Game Ever

    (4.33/5) 3 ratings


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