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    Misty, 25 october 2019 13:51

    Sansar - review

    Sansar is an unique publication, referring to the modern possibilities of the gaming market. Nowadays, technology is very important, digitization has reached a very high level and is constantly evolving. Real life is intertwined with the virtual one. Sansar is the answer to this trend..

    Sansar is a social platform based on virtual reality. The idea was implemented by Linden Lab.

    If you are a fan of The Sims, you love new technologies, and the main tool for contacting the world for you are social networking sites, you’ll definitely love Sansar.

    When the project was put into practice, there were voices that it is a substitute for normal life and it’s unhealthy to turn it into a virtual life. In my opinion, Sansar offers great opportunities, and virtual communication and enjoying various entertainment from the digital world is something natural and complements everyday life, not a substitute for it. Sansar bought me.

    In fact, what is this entertainment about? Sansar is a very developed tool that allows you to create your own virtual reality, that you use with VR goggles. You can invite friends, but also strangers. The game allows you to recreate many real places, for example, the interior of the pyramid or the unique Zwinger corridors in Dresden. Thanks to the platform, you can even move to the surface of another planet. It is only up to us what the game will be for us. It can have educational, commercial or entertainment value. Personally, I think that this modern tool can be a good therapeutic tool when we are struggling with some trauma or mental problems, as well as it can be a good training of personal skills before any important meeting. The only thing that limits the possibilities of it, is the imagination.

    The game uses contacts with other people and creates the opportunity to open a virtual business. A special currency was created there. This is an interesting option for those more entrepreneurial. Personally, I have not dared to use this aspect of the potential yet.

    Speaking of players - you can communicate with others via regular chat or voice. Each person must create an avatar using a wizard. Here the possibilities are somewhat limited, we choose from several elements from each category, but despite this, you can have fun with this tool. The creation of an avatar face creates more possibilities. Here we have to help zippers that change the features of elements such as eyes, nose or mouth.