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    Rate this article "News from Gamehag #3 - Halloween Chest, Mystical Treasure, +20% bonus!"

    (4.65/5) 113 rates
    Misty, 31 october 2019 13:14

    News from Gamehag #3 - Halloween Chest, Mystical Treasure, +20% bonus!

    Greetings, scary necromancers!

    The event we have for you is going to be something else… keep reading and see how you can get 50 000 Soul Gems this Halloween!

    Halloween Chest with terrifying games

    Let’s start with something familiar, but still really cool. Hereby we present to you the Halloween Chest, which contains the best and the most recent horror titles, such as:

    Blair Witch


    The Evil Within

    Dead by Daylight

    Little Nightmares

    The Forest

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


    Alien: Isolation

    Layers of Fear

    The chest has arrived in your equipment. There is just one condition - you have to collect at least 2000 Soul Gems from 31.10 to 07.11 to open it.

    Is it too much? Keep reading!

    +20% Bonus

    All in-game tasks will now get you +20% more Soul Gems throughout the whole Halloween promo! This is the best time to do some long high-profit tasks, so get to it!

    Mystical Treasure

    Join the treasure hunt and find three pieces of special code hidden on Gamehag. If you do that before everyone else… you will get a chest with only one reward in it:

    50000 Soul Gems guaranteed!

    Stop wasting your time here and go hunting! For now you will have to rely on your cleverness, but the riddle is hard, so we will be posting a clue sometime next week.

    Stay tuned to our social media fanpages!

    Rate this article News from Gamehag #3 - Halloween Chest, Mystical Treasure, +20% bonus!

    (4.65/5) 113 rates



    14 january 2020 13:49

    Is the event still?

    14 january 2020 06:25

    sup people

    25 january 2020 10:54

    ok nice i want the games

    5 february 2020 08:59

    i got same cs go in 2021 updating

    26 january 2020 14:32

    Oh- It ended..

    24 january 2020 12:14

    **** i missed it :((( :/

    1 february 2020 22:14

    very sick!!!

    18 january 2020 19:50

    Seriously, I didn’t know the class, thanks

    14 january 2020 09:38

    noice. misty has the best articles

    19 january 2020 10:31