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    noobda, 12 december 2017 14:15

    Road Redemption [Steam] - Review

    Have you guys heard of the game Road Rash from the 90s, well this is like its bigger brother having similar gameplay statistics. Well, there used to be a lot of hype for the game Road Rash until the release of Windows Vista and Windows 7 where we can't be able to run the game properly out of the box. If you don't know what Road Rash game is, well its a game released in the early 1991 by the famous gaming legendary company Electronic Arts, well now-a-days its greedy for money to some extent, I reckon. But at that time this game was developed for gameboy and other SNES simulator consoles, and PC of course...

    Read along to find out more about the Road Redemption which has similar feeling like in the Road Rash but its from different developers so we can't actually call this a sequel though...

    Road Redemption:

    This is a vehicular combat racing game involving combat while you are driving a vehicle, mostly a bike with a base ball bat or chain to beat other fellow bikers out of their bikes. Sounds familiar right, but there is a lot to it...

    First things first, this game is not a free to play game, and requires purchase of the game to be able to play the game. And this game is available on steam for PC, which include Windows, Linux [Steam OS], and MAC. Here are some of the steam statistics of the game.... But before we go through them, take a look at the good old classic game, ROAD RASH....

    Ok, here we go....

    • Single Player Campaign
    • Multi-Player with online
    • Reviews: Very Positive
    • Engine used: Unity
    • Developers: Pixel Dash Studios and Dark Seas Interactive, EQGames
    • Publishers: Dark Seas Interactive, Sunken Treasures Games
    • Release date: 4th October, 2017, on steam for PC
    • Local Multi-Player and Local Co-op mode
    • Split Screen support, which is a pretty cool feature which is slowly fading away in the upcoming gaming world
    • Steam Trading Cards
    • Full Controller support, any controller with Xbox controlls work fine as along as you use xbox 360 controls to map them for the game
    • Steam Cloud Saves
    • Steam statistics
    • Has 55 Steam Achievements

    In case you might be wondering how the game looks and feels like, get a hold of your sight to the above image... Yes, I can see that the graphics aren't that crunching and sky high but are enough to get a multi player game up and running without any lag or any issues... even at not so good internet connection.

    This game received a lot of fan base support and hype as it seemed like it was a sequel for the renowned game ROAD RASH but its not actually.

    The combat in the game somehow looks like in the above picture, and the controls are pretty simple and basic as you can get a hold of them as soon as you start playing the game, and in on time you'll master the controls and what is what  in the game. You'll eventually notice that the game is quite fun until its mulitplayer and online.

    This game has got many reviews and ratings from renowned reviewers online and main gaming critics.... Some of them are as follows:

    > Dark Zero - 9/10
    > Entertainment Buddha - 7.8/10
    > Destructoid - 9.0
    > New Game Network - 70/100
    > Gamespew - 90%
    > Rage Quit - 90/100
    > IGN - 5.7/10 somehow specified to a country
    > Metacritic - 70%


    To conclude, this game looks like a Road Rash reboot, but actually has a specific essence to it other than the game itself. So, this seems like an old approach towards the motor cycling game industry but already the popular game ROAD RASH took over them, so this is a new and a refreshed or revamped version of that type of game. And its liked by some people while some people still prefer the good old Road Rash over this game actually....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Road Redemption [Steam] - Review

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