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    noobda, 12 december 2017 13:07

    The Wild Eight [Steam] - Review

    This particular game is still in its Early Access, so can't drop to any conclusion of being bugged or glitchy in some computers.
    Keeping that Early Access thing out of the way, we have a nice game that's built based on Unity Engine which includes Open world survival simulation, that too online Multi-player...  

    And by the way, this game is not free-to-play, so think before you actually wanna purchase and play this game. Lets find out more about the game ...

    The WILD Eight:

    So, what's this game all about? Well, its an open world game which is survival simulation game with randomly generated world. And this game is on Early Access on steam, and this is also available on many platforms like Xbox and PlayStation consoles....

    Lets, go through some of the steam statistics of the game...

    • Steam Reviews: Very Positive
    • Developer: Hype Train Digital and a Russian company Fntastic for Consoles
    • Release date: 9th February, 2017
    • Single Player, just namesake
    • Multi-Player
    • Online Multi-Player with Co-op gameplay
    • Has 25 steam achievements
    • Has Steam Trading Cards
    • This game is tagged under Action, Indie and RPG Simulation genre
    • Engine: UNITY

    Ok, so how will the game perform... I can say that its pretty good though, and being an Early Access game it has scope for future updates from its developers and Hype Train Digital guys.

    And this game's single player mode or the story mode can be completed in around 4-5 hours depending on how long you are used to watch the cutscenes and stuff like that. While coming to the Online part of the game, you can no longer think this is gonna compete at some point, it all depends on how long are you willing to spend on the game, its as is.

    Now about the playable characters in the game, or you can call them the protagonists of the game, this time the good thing is that you don't have a single person to choose unanimously, but now there are a bunch of  cool guys and gals to pick from. You'll be provided with the one you choose to play online multi-player and get along with it. Here are some of the characters in the game...

    So, to be able to run this game you might need... well the basic system requirements to be able to play The Wild Eight are as follows:

    > Intel i3 or equivalent AMD processor with 2GHz or similar
    > 4 GB RAM is required while playing online on Steam
    > Dedicated Graphics Cards is helpful, so similar to GT450 or higher, which probably means on almost all graphics cards on PCs and laptops excluding the Intel HD graphics, it doesn't count
    > 1GB of Hard Drive space, yes the game is probably around 1-1.8GB depending on some factors that contribute to early access games with updates rolling out every now and then

    Actually its not pretty good to review and comment on an Early Access game before its final release as the features and stuff in the game tend to update and get better from update to update... Even though this game is a bit of a compelling survival mode and simulation, this game deserves its place in the Indie and survival Simulation world. We can hope for its final release and stable updates in the near future... 

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article The Wild Eight [Steam] - Review

    (0.00/5) 0 rates


    ok a good review

    16 february 2020 16:30