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    Rate this article "Desert Bus VR [Steam] - Review"

    (5/5) 2 ratings
    noobda, 12 december 2017 15:01

    Desert Bus VR [Steam] - Review

    The 1998 Pen and Teller cult hit mini game on Virtual Reality, this game is a simulation game on VR which is free to play VR game on steam. This is a bus simulation game form Tuscon to Vegas, a 8 hour long drive, actually 8hr long simulation game for VR. Read along to find out more about this game....

    Desert Bus VR:

    A Bus driving simulator which is from Arizona to Nevada as on steam, and this game is actually for VR, both Oculus and Vive... This is a pretty good simulation game especially for VR.

    The above is the gameplay of the Desert Bus VR game as played on VR. Here are some steam statistics of the game...

    • Single Player for campaign, or the big Road Trip
    • Multi-Player
    • Online Multi-Player
    • Steam Achievements [has 15 steam achievements]
    • Partial Controller support [as it requires any of the VR headsets to play the game, it actually supports to a certain extent]
    • HTC Vive and OCULUS Rift both are supported by this game
    • Tracked motion controllers are required to control the camera or FOV in the game
    • GamePad or a keyboard and mouse, well who plays a game with keyboard and mouse while having a VR headset

    The minimum system requirements of this game are as follows:
    > Intel i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350 as stated by the game's site but there's a chance of playing the game at decent CPU along with decent graphics card that supports VR

    > 4GB RAM, but actually you might need more RAM as this is a VR game and requires a lot of USB ports as of hardware requirement, atleast one 3.0 USB for sure for the VR

    > Graphics Card: The Graphics cards that support VR, like the GTX 970 or the newer GTX 1060 are good with these VR games

    > 700MB space available in Hard Disk, this is a pretty small and neat VR game

    So, this game is a 'gotta give it a try' type of game as its a free game on steam and for those people who bought VR or wanna try some simulation games based on BUS....

    One of the best Virtual Reality BUS Driver simulation games out there which is actually completely free to play, and yes there aren't many games which are VR ready and are free to play... Considering these facts this game stands out among them....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Desert Bus VR [Steam] - Review

    (5/5) 2 ratings


    VR was made for cockpit games, cockpits like behind the steeringwheel of a BUS. But No! We must simulate walking in Virtual Reality without walking in RL. Because ... Why exactly? Does VR driving and flying also make people queazy.

    16 december 2017 23:18