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    (3.81/5) 26 rates
    berroni, 20 september 2018 18:52

    Road Redemption - PC Review

    Road Redemption lets you lead a biker gang on an epic journey across the country in this driving combat road rage adventure. Huge campaign, dozens of weapons, full 4-player co-op split-screen and online multiplayer.

    Road Redemption is a game that you will enjoy if you are a racing games fan and fan of the Road Rash series. To be honest, I didn't have too big expectations for this game after I watched a few trailers but I was definitely shocked when i played, It blew me away. Even though it has a bunch of influence with Road Rash series - Road Redemption is a different game.  Road Redemption is a game that you will enjoy it's realistic. When I first time played it, I had the feeling that I'm in the video game and I seriously wanted to be the best racer and I haven't experienced that feeling since NFS:MW. This game keeps the incredible balance between realism and fun.  It won't be very easy on start, but when you learn how to play it and how to use different weapons and techniques you'll enjoy it. 

    The campaign is very interesting and it's not too much repetitive. There is also a big amount of bikes and characters so you will never get bored playing this game.  To make the game even more interesting, I'll say that you can gain XP and buy things after you die so your death will make you try harder and wanting to complete something in a video game is what makes a game interesting.  Campaign lacks story but instead of the story you'll enjoy your every attempt to solve objective and each level gives you a different task to complete. Missions/Objectives are not repetitive which is great for this kind of game, one kind of tasks is reaching the goal before other drivers, another kind of objectives gives you a task to assassinate someone and there is a lot more. Each completed objective awards you with money and believe me, you'll do your best to earn as much as you can to upgrade and make your character look great. There is a lot of things you can upgrade, some of them are the weapon damage, armor, counter-attack skills...  I won't tell much about Graphic details, but I'll tell that game looks like an average nowadays game, but it's still not too bad. It's a simple but yet fun game with a 

    This game also has a great soundtrack/music which I personally enjoyed. There is no need to tell much about music except that it makes you feel well. 
    The actors in this game are also well-made but there are no much of things they talk so it's a repetitive and I would seriously love to see some update about this.

    Let's rate the game now.
    Road Redemption, as a game with few flaws and a lot of influence with Road Rash, is a game that you will enjoy. Upgrading your skills as a player's and as characters are a great addition to this game. It has decent graphics details and a lot of ways to play it. It's a challenging game that will steal hours and hours of your life and I definitely recommend it.  


    Rate this article Road Redemption - PC Review

    (3.81/5) 26 rates


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    25 july 2019 16:05

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    8 october 2018 13:10

    pics remind me of the old 'Road Rage"

    22 october 2018 01:39