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    (4.12/5) 41 rates
    blank4, 20 september 2018 12:22

    Overthrow: Dota 2 Walk Through

    Let’s go walk-through to the custom game Dota 2: Overthrow, hope you enjoy.


    Overthrow is a Custom Games, game modes that differ from standard Dota 2 matches. The game is free to play, means you don’t need access to certain premium content. The game is quick fight to the death in a small team free-for-all match. The team win by earn enough kills before the timer expires.

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    •  The game varies from team match: FFA (free for all), 2v2v2v2v2, 3v3v3, 4v4v4v4, and 5v5v5 consisting a total of 10 to 16 players. The game may last 10 to 15 minutes, the game also ends faster once the kill requirement is achieved that is 50 kills.
    • Players gain experience and gold near the Midas Throne, the experience and gold is exponentially increased near the throne. Gold can also be obtained by killing enemy hero or snatching gold coins produced by the throne. Experience can be also be obtained by killing enemy hero.
    • Players can obtain by purchasing it in the base or snatching item delivery near every team base that contains random items, the delivery happens one a time and in random bases.
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    Winning the match is not that simple you also need courier and ward for example to win. Getting Aoe type hero is recommended cause of the small are of the map the crowd control skill is very effective. Getting hero that gets online early in the game is also a must like Storm, Pudge, or Pugna picking Anitimage might be a mistake. Having a support is crucial, a carry always need a someone to babysit him right?. Collect the gold drops and item drop that is random generated item drop that you can sell in the shop near your base, this mod doesn't have any secret or side shops. Lastly always stay near the Midas Throne so u can reach your max level fast and increase your gold per minute.


    The issue of the game is that sometimes the you can't find a match fast depending on the type of mode you select in match search. The game start so slow it almost take up 4 minutes to completely start the game after you accepted the match. A lot of quitters, you will gonna be seeing a lot of quitter while playing this mod, but recently Valve implemented penalty to those who quit the match while in progress.

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    The game can be considered a pace changer if you’re tired after having long red days (consecutive loss).A quick duration game that let you start early clashes. The game is just so fast that you be level 20 in less than 10 min so you can spam your heart out and you gain a lot of gold that you can buy aghanims for 5 min. Clashes is fun to watch in a small map area, cause you don't know which team will attack who, so this mod is not that simple to win, even if you have all the best nukers and carries in your team. Dota 2 role positioning may apply in the match. I mean what kind of game doesn't need a ward and a support? So for those who want something fun and quick this game is the game you.

    Rate this article Overthrow: Dota 2 Walk Through

    (4.12/5) 41 rates


    ummm what is this ?

    25 september 2018 14:32

    nice dota is nice your article nice to

    24 september 2018 16:39

    great introduction

    11 march 2020 15:11

    this is so cool great work!👍

    20 october 2018 13:36

    this game was fun once but not anymore

    23 april 2020 20:52

    Its nice

    16 october 2018 12:26

    never played it but look cool enough

    1 october 2018 12:13

    amazing :D

    1 october 2018 11:53

    great nice awesome

    13 october 2018 11:37

    This is awesome job....!!!!

    30 september 2018 10:32