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    (4.89/5) 19 rates
    sejozmaj, 22 june 2018 16:53

    Rewiev of the game: Vampyr

    Like the current fascination of battle royale genre, vampires have also been favorite  among the players of video games. Unfortunately, it came to an end somewhere with the advent of the famous Twilight saga novel / film, which caused many of the vampires to escape like a plague. In the last ten years, we all struggle to find a good vampire title, but after a huge delay, developer Dontnod Entertainment (Life and Strange) finally sends us the promised Vampyr. Even though it is about a plague, it does not smell us so much that we should be rid of him.

    Though things are fast-paced, the story's base in Vampyr is relatively simple. As a doctor who is quite accidentally specialized in the transfusion, Dr. Reid comes back from London to visit the sick mother. What he finds is the Spanish flu pandemic and the full dead deadline are. But of course this is not all because our doctor at the same time gets and is honored to join the beings of darkness that can not sweeten enough with human blood, although I think that part is already quite clear. There begins an investigation of life after death, knowing who and why he offered immortality to this mission to bring the pandemic back to order. Doctor's instinct tells us that the answer could be hidden in the fluid you so much worship, but how much will it spill depends on your goodwill.

    The whole story is conceptualized in the wide-ranging election and its consequences with which it is to be worn at this time. At the same time, there are no specific weight choices, but everything adjusts depending on how much you are digging up the top of the nutritional chain. See, the main way for Dr. Reid is advancing in new abilities to slowly dabble the rest of the surviving teams, as leaning on others does not bring some benefits. However, due to the depressing circumstances, this team often knows and falls, and in that way, their fragile health disables the full potential of progress. Except you play Sherlocks often, you'll have to worry about them to treat illnesses such as bronchitis, anemia, colds, etc. Well, it's not like you had to do this. You can freely let them know your destiny, but know that it can bring with it some drastic consequences.

    This approach is a bit deeper so each character has his / her first and last name and talks with them to find out what's "interesting" through the gossip. The more you know about somebody, it grows and the value of their lives, or the blood that makes them. Since a good part of them has roles like sellers, a key link to secondary tasks, or the most common source of these useful information, you already come to these more difficult choices of disagreement about a good meal. You can ask them specific questions only when you first know something about it, which means that individuals need to return several times, because you rarely know who you can fully meet through just one meeting.

    Although these conversations are pretty well written, there are so many of them that you will spend some evenings by chatting. Although the action is better than expected (because I was expecting a mediocrity in this matter), Vampyr somehow still confines itself to some kind of simulation of interpersonal relationships that resembles a criminal case resolution and less imagination as it is a midnight mammal. Thus, RPG elements are also suffering from anemia that this doctor simply can not cure, and there aren't many vampires powers . Combat statistics and customization of equipment have been reduced to a bare minimum, so in this regard we do not have much to do. But well, although Vampyr does not reach the level of a humorous Bloodborne that is so strange, both in the combat system and in style, one should admit that this game at least tries at least something different.

    But let's just let it - what's the feeling of being a vampire in this game? Well, nothing spectacular, actually. Hiding from someone else's views is not mechanics at all, and you can only skipped people anyway when you first take them to isolated corners. Perhaps the most powerful power is the ability of teleportation, which is also the way in which you avoid the coming blows in the battle. And while everything looks super-fancy (and it's true), the way it's used to explore and cross the obstacles is very limited.

    Becoming a "bat" - so to speak - you can not go anywhere, but only on predefined segments that in the performance itself results in the same as opening another door. Not exciting. The landscape also suffers from a similar problem, as long as the dark and abandoned streets of London are creepy, there is hardly anything exciting to find in them, apart from a variety of small garbage. If nothing, this procedure is at least distilled to a completely painless possibility of quickly and efficiently collecting various crafting materials without having to organize something with one's own hand.

    You'll be crafting because the drugs do not fall from the sky. There will be at your disposal several quarters, linked without loading, each with their own separate society to watch and groom. With all the problems, maybe the only bigger objection I have is that the NPC characters are very narrowly arranged, which is why conversations often have no end. Do not get me wrong now. The conversations are still a plus, but it still feels a bit overwhelmed when, by the 40th time, "I must" find out why a man in the middle of the street is in deafness at night. Even more when I have to pull them out like a frog in the well, and this whole process is even more difficult if you have already decided in advance that you will "embrace" it anyway.

    There is also a situation of a kind of "time constraint" which at first is not the clearest. The story moves to a new night each time you invest the points you earn, and then you make all the changes that you've influenced. Vampyr makes you somehow to choose between and carefully when and where to strengthen your doctor because you are never sure whether this may lock you from unresolved subordinate tasks or forever disconnect from a few "best friends".

    If all this is firmly cemented, the game is used with the autosave method at each action so you can not suddenly change your mind. While this is a fairly straightforward solution to the issue, it sometimes makes things a bit hardcore. After only a few bad decisions it is possible to see how the entire population falls like dominoes. Stealth elements here also do not play a major role, and intense conversations can not at all do acrobatics like alternative conflict solutions.

    So do not expect a Deus Ex because Vampyr did not get over it. Vampire's weakest point is probably because it tries to be quite a few diagonal things at once without having to connect them to synergy, but still can still serve as an excuse for a couple of spotted nights.

    Rate this article Rewiev of the game: Vampyr

    (4.89/5) 19 rates


    nc gameplay

    23 july 2018 11:13

    Good game, thanks for the article!

    7 may 2020 00:57

    Its a medicore game,too much talking, little gameplay, tiring atmosphere, nothing to play for hours

    29 july 2018 17:20

    Great game, great article, thanks!

    3 may 2020 12:27

    good 👍

    28 july 2018 00:04

    good post!

    24 july 2018 07:40

    locks like a good game

    18 july 2018 14:04

    yeah this is good game but so expensive

    25 july 2018 12:44

    The article is good, but you post it twice.

    23 june 2018 08:46


    23 june 2018 03:01