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    (5/5) 1 rating
    sozqq, 15 march 2018 21:28


    Remember, in the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2,  in some side missions we set up turrets and traps and defended something valuable from the monsters attacking the waves? So, the studio Neocore , the creators of that humoristic-gothic action / RPG, decided on the basis of this mechanics to make a separate game in the genre of tower defense. And she was very successful.

    In Deathtrap there is no Van Helsing and his faithful companion Catharina, there are no jokes, half-ironic dialogues, a full story and research. And there are three heroes to choose from (sorceress, mercenary and arrows), concentrated tower defense mechanics and a simple plot. According to the plot, on the border between the worlds of demons and mortals are ancient fortresses and outposts, and there specially trained guardians protect the portals through which the evil spirits are trying to break through to the people. The role of these guardians is played by the players.

    That is, on different maps - and they open as we go through the previous ones - we deal with the same thing. We place all the traps and turrets in the specially allocated places before the battle, spending a certain amount of crystals on it, and then we give a go-ahead and start sweeping the heroic face on the map (or use the portals for a quick move) to personally distribute cuffs to monsters from everywhere . 

    Everything is quite familiar. Each of the three custodians uses their own style of battle. The sorceress with long hair freezes with ice arrows and "cheers" with lightning bolts of mass destruction, the shooter in the hat shoots from the revolver with single shots or an amplified volley. A harsh mercenary in lats hacks enemies into cabbage with a sword or demolishes all standing on the way with his own body, furiously rushing forward.

    For the killing of demons, crystals are given out, which can be directly placed in the battle with new traps and turrets. Monsters rod strictly on the highlighted red line, but with each new wave of these lines becomes more - portals, from which there is evil spirits, more often than not one and not two. If one thing gets to the gate that leads into the world of people, it's not scary. But if twenty - all, start again.

    However, Deathtrap is not a rash article based on its own series. This is a very interesting statement in this genre, which, like, for example, the series Orcs Must Die! , takes the tower defense to the level of the "big" game. Neocore has created a full-fledged hybrid of RPG and arcade strategy. 

    We, like in other games of this genre, get experience for passing the map, and then, before the beginning of the next mission, we can improve everything that we like. And there really is a lot of options for "pumping". Traps and turrets are many - some freeze, others fry with fire or shoot lightning, others slow down, from the fourth, when the enemy approaches, monsters or archers run out, and so on.

    Virtually every defense has its pros and cons, that is, it works better against some opponents, but it is ineffective against others. And everyone has several degrees of "pumping" and improvements, which add different bonuses. It's the same with the skills of the characters. On the battlefield, only six are allowed to use, but apart from them there are a lot of additional skills that give passive effects. All this allows you to point out your own tactics and develop a unique style of play.

    Add here also the ability to influence the characteristics of different equipment. "Doll" character (and in many ways, a set of items) moved from  the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2, . And, as in a full-fledged RPG, it is allowed not only to visit the store during a break between missions, but also to earn all sorts of armor plates, staffs and magic pendants absolutely free of charge - right during the fight. On many maps, there are neutral monsters guarding the keys to treasure. Or some special monsters, on which they issue quests for murder. If you fulfill them, in the end you will receive a chest, from which ordinary, rare, and if you are lucky, epic things will fall out. Or even a recipe for "crafting" - then in a special menu, create a new object. 

    However, even this role-playing mechanics is not the main thing. More importantly, Deathtrap is constantly challenging, and when you accept it and win, it will throw a new one, both new and new. After passing all the cards on the "hard" with the maximum rating (three stars), it will be possible to play at the same levels with new, more ferocious enemies. And so - three more times! 

    Then they will be allowed to personally change the conditions of the battle - add, for example, more crystals at the start, getting more severe opponents in return, and so on. Finally, for masochists, an "infinite" regime will open, where, of course, you need to hold out as long as possible and gloriously die. 

    If there is a friend next to you, you probably will live a little longer. Deathtrap supports the cooperative to four players, and he, believe me, gives very strong emotions. True, it is necessary to act coherently and clearly distribute who controls what inputs, which areas are covered. Finally, there is a PvP mode, where one acts as an attacker and the other as a defender. This is also a unique and in many ways unique experience.

    Rate: 7/10

    Rate this article Review:Deathtrap

    (5/5) 1 rating


    Great game

    10 april 2018 23:43

    isnt this the game here the dev gave away drm free copies?

    1 june 2018 17:42