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    Rate this article "A Vehicular Game where we run over Zombies - Zombie Driver [Steam]"

    (5/5) 4 ratings
    noobda, 14 march 2018 18:47

    A Vehicular Game where we run over Zombies - Zombie Driver [Steam]

    Yep, you heard this correct, a vehicular game where you run over zombies in different modes of gameplay. You will be provided with a vehicle in an apocalyptic situation where you'll end up in combat with zombies all over the place. This game is a pretty old game but has the potential to earn a play.... So, lets find out more about this game in detail...

    Zombie Driver HD:
    This game is available on steam only for windows and this is not a free to play game, neither this is a pay to win game. I'll have to say this it'd be awesome if this game had multiplayer to play with friends like in co-op mode and other types of mode to play with friends. This game is available on Android play store, windows via steam and other platforms, very decent kind of a game with satisfying theme. There are particular games which serve the same purpose of this game but some are not that near to this game when it comes to gore and effects that the game has to offer. Lets check out how the game actually looks like...

    So, that's how the gameplay looks like while playing on Windows PC with steam... As this game is not a free to play game you might want to check out some gameplay videos about this game before making a decision about actually buying this game. I am saying that as individuals have different preferences in terms of choice  in games. Some how this game turns the whole arena into a slaughtering ground where you'll be the Grim Reaper, well, you'll be the one to do the whole messy kind of stuff and running over zombies in all directions and everything like that. There are some custom rides to choose from and you'll be given the choice to do different kind of things including free roaming, but its not the actual free roaming, you can check out the surroundings while playing a mode in the game... I wish they added  a free open world mode where we can explore things while zombies are all over the place.

    Lets go through some steam statistics about the game,

    • Single Player game
    • Release Date: 17th October, 2012
    • Very Positive reviews
    • Developer: Exor Studios [for steam game]
    • Publisher: Exor Studios
    • Has Steam achievements [a total of 103 achievements are there]
    • Has Steam trading cards [just by playing this game you can get  3 card drops out of the total 6 cards that the game has, as you know the rest of the cards must be bought from the steam market or you have to trade for those cards with other items from your inventory, which finally will inturn get you 100XP for crafting one badge to showoff]
    • Has full controller support
    • Has steam cloud saves
    • Has Steam leaderboards for different modes in the game
    • Has steam stats for this game
    • This game is awarded as 'The best indie of the year' and shortlisted for Golden joystick award

    So, will this game run on our laptops? You can see this game has a top angled camera for the view, so you might probably check that out and get to a conclusion where you can say that the game runs on Intel HD graphics, but to be exact one can try to run any game with intel HD graphics or integrated graphics but with decent amount of sacrifices which inturn lead to poor visual performance and resolution. Either way lets check that out....
    > Requires Dual core processor with 1.5GHz or above
    > 2GB of RAM or higher
    > 512MB memory for graphics either via integrated or dedicated [we all know what works better]
    > The occupies 2GB of hard drive storage

    For sidenote, many people get confused and confuse the rest by saying these words 'memory' and 'storage', I'll make it clear a bit for those who don't understand. Memory refers to the RAM, which is only used for random access and not to store stuff.... while Storage refers to Hard disk storage, SSD and all that stuff where you'll hide your 3TB anime or what so ever you crave.

    This game is pretty interesting and fun to play, I just wish such type of games are remastered and are priced accordingly instead of high prices which will be of no good until a new game comes out. There will be more interest and the increase in the interested players if there is such an online multiplayer option in such type of games with constant ping and smooth gameplay. We might hope to see such a game in the near future....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Vehicular Game where we run over Zombies - Zombie Driver [Steam]

    (5/5) 4 ratings



    10 april 2018 23:44


    15 march 2018 23:27

    thats good

    15 march 2018 22:39

    Seems fun.

    15 march 2018 20:24