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    (4.57/5) 21 rates
    Visty, 29 december 2018 07:54

    Review with Visty > The Last Guardian

    The Last Guardian


    The game world has a lot of Mysteries , Adventures and even Monsters! If somebody tells you , your life is depending on cooperating with a monster to survive what will you do? “The Last Guardian” is a game that will bring you this experience …

    The game starts without a specific explanation inside a under ground place , and you find yourself unconscious alongside a wounded monster that is chained to the ground. When you come to the intelligence and look a bit at the ruins , you find out that you can not go alone and you should interact with the monster which is called Trico. This point is getting so much important when you reach open space and understand you are inside which is called Monstrous Nest and the only way to enter and exit from there is flying in the sky.

    The game plays some flashbacks  that shows how you get caught up in this place. The story is full of mystery and secrets that you have to reveal them before reaching your goal also the game has so many surprising things which will surprise you during the game!


    The graphics of the game are good enough and eye catching and you will not notice any problems in this part …

    During the stages of the game , you have to do some works like finding food for Trico , escaping from the magic armors , open the doors for passing Trico and destroy the eye signs which scares Trico a lot and if Trico see them , it will not go one step further. It seems the game has simple tasks to do but the good point is you can finish this game under 16 hours and it will never get boring for you …

    At first glance game controls seem simple enough but after a bit you realize that you made a mistake and that it would not be easy for you to make Trico to do a job. You might have to do a few things a few times , so you will understand Trico more which has really made Trico's behavior real! Another interesting point is by playing the game and continue it with Trico it will be easier for you to understand Trico and can do more complex tasks.


    The bad thing about the game is the game control guide for your every single action. Unfortunately , these guides continues until the end of the game , and sometimes its role is changed from guidance to destroying your nerves.

    If you stay in a certain period of time , the narrator of the story tries to help you and tell you what to do. Of course , most of the time these tips are very hard to understand and do not help you so much but they are better than nothing …

    Another point is about the game is its trophies and it seems to be a try from game makers for replaying the game to ignore how much short the game is!


    The Last Guardian is a game full of creativity and unique with lovely story and a personality that makes you play until the last minute of the game. And more than any thing about Trico , it's often felt that you are interacting with a real being and not a computer character born of human mind.

    Rate this article Review with Visty > The Last Guardian

    (4.57/5) 21 rates


    harika görünmek

    1 january 2019 13:38

    nice last mohykan...errr, guardian

    20 june 2020 20:05

    Review with Visty > The Last Guardian ?
    During the stages of the game , you have to do some works like finding food for Trico , escaping from the magic armors ,

    25 october 2019 13:49

    The article could use some improvement. Quite a few grammatical errors make it hard to read sometimes. Game looks interesting though.

    22 may 2019 18:48

    good work

    18 november 2019 19:27

    This is a good article, It can do alot better with little improving

    30 december 2018 13:34

    Beautiful game good write

    30 december 2018 16:50

    Best 😀

    29 december 2018 10:32

    Cool, accepted

    29 december 2018 08:50

    not copied best part about it

    29 december 2018 11:20