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    (4.73/5) 22 rates
    Donovanalph, 29 december 2018 04:18

    Slime Rancher - review.


    Discovered this game thanks to youtube and winter mood. While bored, I watched everything indiscriminately, and among other things came across the passage of one famous YouTube player who played a lot in Slime Rancher, a game about a farm on a distant planet. I am by nature a man of drive. Not because I collect all not necessary. I just love to save achievements, count the number of games passed or books read. Therefore, this game definitely attracted me, because it is based on the construction of its ranch with slimes and the accumulation of money, resources, slime itself. Pretty nice graphics and style of the game just got me hooked. I love everything in this style.

    Story line.

    The plot here is narrated through messages that are all over the place, here and there, left by the previous owner of the farm. And sometimes the information that contains these notes is useful - do not be lazy to read! Look for letters in the territories and read! Acquaintance with the story of Henry through his notes makes the passing of the game even more interesting and gives you the opportunity to feel the story not only of what you create yourself, but also of that created in this place before you

    Also, through messages, only in the form of e-mails, we are told the story of the main character (Beatrix) and her mutual relations in love and friendship. From time to time, drop by the farm house to read news from former relatives, an envelope image will tell you about this need. In addition to reading star mail, you can buy an upgrade package for the Premium Club in the farmhouse, and each level in the club gives its advantages (interesting and not so), but there are some that can only be obtained by moving up the club levels. The last possibility, which is assigned to the farm house - is a dream. Here you can sleep until morning (if necessary, but I didn’t send Beatrix to sleep even once). It is also the only place where you can see the main character from the side, since the game itself is going from the first person.

    Let's talk about the gameplay.

    The main tasks that the gamer puts to the game, as I see it, is the study of available territories and the cultivation of slimes, which are in essence the basis of the game. The cutest spherical creatures of different species have their own characteristics, which makes breeding and crossing them (the number of variations is huge) a very exciting process!

    Each type of slime, when feeding, allocates a certain substance. Some substances are more valuable, for example, gold is the most expensive, but it is difficult to get it, since it is impossible to catch the Golden Slime, and at the sight of a farmer he is in a hurry to disappear or, for example, the pink substance, which is the basis of everything, is written in the game and its cost is very low.

    Speaking about the basis of everything - the substance will be useful to the player not only for making money to buy farm extensions (this is also provided here), but also for making special devices in the laboratory that will help facilitate the farmer's everyday life, entertain slimes and just decorate the space around! And it is not at all necessary to buy all the drawings - develop the farm, participate in the Premium Club and get the opportunity to open balls with treasures scattered throughout the accessible territory and get not only rare resources, but also free drawings! There are three levels of treasure balls: green, blue, purple. I played more than 50 hours and still do not have access to purple, and I have not studied the whole territory.

    The main and simplest, to have fun and extend the gameplay, will help the Premium Club, thanks to the increase in the level of the club, new opportunities and territories open up! It also opens the history of other farmers, with whom at first there is communication only through the installation, where we are given daily tasks.


    Slime Rancher is a great way to relax in the evening and get away from the daily routine! She helped me cope with a bad mood! The graphics are so nice and cartoon, that it is impossible not to fall in love with it, in this game! The game is calm, measured, it makes sense to make money on substances, there is an incentive to explore the territories (if you don’t investigate, you don’t find all the varieties of slimes, you don’t find all the slimes, you cannot fully use the advantages of the laboratory) and so on!

    This is a cool project that develops not only hand motor skills, but also memory, fantasy (crossing slimes), attention (treasure hunt and predatory slimes), strategic thinking (as it is necessary to prioritize) and other useful skills! The computer game Slime Rancher is my personal pleasant discovery and one of the favorite games that is absolutely playable by a gamer of any age! Children will enjoy bright graphics and cute slimes, an adult will be carried away by the possibility of development through the Premium Club. I definitely can recommend this game for purchase and much, as I wrote above, I would like to tell you, but perhaps this will be enough, because you can get full-fledged pleasure when you come into contact with the game personally!

    Rate this article Slime Rancher - review.

    (4.73/5) 22 rates


    slime dude is cool

    14 february 2021 17:25

    this is mya game favorite is slime rancher

    22 november 2019 04:10

    ???? game

    13 may 2021 22:56

    so cute

    14 january 2020 15:31

    Looks like a cute game. Thanks for the review.

    11 july 2020 22:16

    I love this game and you have a demo which is cool

    20 march 2020 20:57

    i love it great family friendly game

    18 march 2020 20:13

    good one, I hope it is original work

    29 december 2018 07:52

    I have enjoyed reding that one, thank you!

    29 december 2018 07:47

    After reading this i may have to install it and give it a go

    17 june 2019 08:58