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    lirank, 29 december 2018 11:03

    Pokemon breeding guide for beginners

    Everything you need to know about pokemon breeding.

    Pokemon breeding

    Pokemon is a game everyone heard of, but most of the people don't understand how complicated it is.
    In this article I will give a guide with information about pokemon breeding.
    People breed pokemon for many reasons, most of the reason is hunting for shinies (Pokemon with special colors) HA (Hidden abilities- pokemon with special abilities) and hunting for a good IVs pokemon.

    The daycare

    This is where everything starts.
    In the daycare you may leave up to two pokemon and let them gain EXP, however, the real use for the daycare is the topic of this article, breeding.
    If you live 2 pokemon from the same egg group (I'll explain about egg groups later) they will breed and produce eggs.
    The day care's design changes with the time but it's basics are always the same, talk to the woman in the counter to put or withdraw pokemon, and talk to the man outside to receive eggs.
    Pokemon with different OTs (Original Trainers) are more likely to breed.
    In order to hatch egg you just need to walk around the map, each egg needs a different amount of steps to hatch.

    Egg groups

    Most of the pokemon have an egg group, pokemon in the same egg group can breed with each other even if they are not the same pokemon.
    There is also ditto who can breed with almost any pokemon.

    How to breed a good pokemon

    Now that we know how to breed pokemon begs the question, how do we breed a good pokemon?
    To breed shinies you just need a lot of luck, a shiny charm may help too but the chances for a shiny stays low.
    HAs (Hidden Abilities) also have a low chance and there aren't many hidden tips to raise your chances.
    Natures are random but can be effected, if one of the parents has the nature you need, all you have to do is to give that pokemon an everstone and the hatched pokemon will have the same nature.

    Breeding IVs is a little bit complicated but just at the beginning.
    For starter, I'll let you know that 3 random IVs from the parents pass to the baby, you can turn it to 5 if one of the parents is holding a destiny knot.
    That means all you need in order to start breeding pokemon with good IVs is a pair of male and female pokemon with good IVs, everstone and a destiny knot.
    But how do you get such a pair? Well, you could trade for one, or if you want to get it by breeding you may try hatching until you get the nature (And then use an everstone) and hope for good IVs to slowly raise the IVs the pokemon you hatch have.

    In the pokemon games you might have to complete a certain mission in order to view IVs.
    תמונה קשורה

    As you see in this picture, the game does not show you the exact number of IVs on each stat, instead, it says thing such as "decent", "best", "very good" and others, you can translate those to numbers with those rates:
    Best- 31
    Fantstic -30
    Very good- 26-29
    Pertty good- 16-25
    Decent- 1-15
    No good- 0

    I hope this guide helped you and that you'll find breeding easier now :)

    Rate this article Pokemon breeding guide for beginners

    (4.78/5) 9 rates


    Pokemon is really cool game,I love anime like this.But,I think naruto is better than pokemon.Also nice article,good job!

    23 february 2020 15:18

    wow thanks i really needed this!

    2 july 2020 17:32

    i mis pokemon

    8 january 2020 09:54

    Great one,keep it up.

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    14 january 2020 15:30

    thank you for this

    1 june 2020 10:04

    This article is very original. She has some very useful things. Some even made them but others don't. A good article

    1 august 2019 17:37

    well, this is quite educational

    30 december 2018 13:32

    Thanks alot i needed this :)

    31 december 2018 17:37

    a really usefull article for pokemon players

    3 january 2020 14:31