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    (4.77/5) 30 rates
    Visty, 22 december 2018 20:33

    Review with Visty > Syberia 3

    (Important) Hey guys I am gamer_run! I should say sorry for account changing but I really had to … My previous account got banned for some problems and this is the reason for my long absenteeism. I talked to the support team and they said there is no way to unban my account so I asked them for deleting it so I can create a new one and they agreed. It was so painful for me to start from zero but now I am happy for being in this community once again , enjoy the article … :)   

    Syberia 3


    Syberia 3 is a adventure mystery game which is continues the Syberia game story. You reappear in the main character of the game , Kate Walker , a New York adventure advocate who travels to East Asia with the help of a person named Hans Voralberg for the only her wish that is seeing big mammoths …


    Producer studio: Microid



    Syberia 3 starts here with the almost frozen body of Kate after leaving the Syberia Island which is found by a tribe called Youkol. After being rescued , they convinced Kate to accompany their journeys to the lands between Europe and Asia.

    The game is located in Russia and Europe lands. An interesting and spectacular snowy town called Valsembor that is has a café where locals spend their time in there. There is also a worn out amusement park named Baranor in the center of the city which was splendid one day , but was lost in a chemical warfare during the unfortunate incident and now seems unusable.

    As Kate , you have to search for specific objects , solve puzzles , or talk to people who help you continue the game. One of the new features given to the player is that you can listen to Kate's thoughts during the conversation with different people to understand what she thinks with herself. You can easily keep conversations going or take Kate's ideas and thoughts on that topic and talk about it.


    Good Points


    In a game like Syberia which is completely dependent on the character's interactions , the game makers have done good enough. The gameplay combines walking and checking objects , talking with different people and choosing the right answers and solving puzzles and puzzles. Some of these puzzles are very interesting and has a really good level and solving them requires a bit of concentration and multi solution testing to get the answer.

    And some of them in addition of your intelligence also needs a little bit of luck , because some objects which you need to solve the puzzles is hidden in some places and make you find them first and for that you need good eyes and luck.


    Another positive point about the Syberia 3 is the song writer , Inon Zur. We can see his works in the Fallout , Dragon Age and Syberia 2 … also brought a very productive and memorable music for this game too. The musical performances and details of a large orchestra perform best tuned harmonies and melodies , all of which inspire you in the dark and cold atmosphere of the unknown lands of Eastern Europe.


    Weak Points


    - Unfortunately , the situation does not go well enough and it should be said that there is a lot of backwardness about the game graphics.

    - Apart from Kate , the rest of the characters are made very ugly and bad.

    - When Kate is walking , there are invisible obstacles that prevent her from walking easily. It is show that game makers do not have enough time to test the environments and remove those obstacles!

    - The game does not have any maps for helping you to find out where exactly you are and you always have stress of how far away you are or near ... The disaster does not end here and you will see that the Kate can go inside to some of the characters and objects or even stop there!

    - The characters of Syberia 3 are totally stereotyped and unidentified , the main bad characters are a evil doctor and a military commander who want to modernize the Youkol tribe and transform it into a modern society.

    - In addition to the role of an important member in the journey that you have before , you will be the only way to save Youkol members. Without the help of you (as Kate) , they are like lazy and unplanned people who just sit and waiting for someone to help them and solve their problems.

    - And so many more bad points ...


    In general , if we take a glimpse into the works of the game makers of the Microid studio , we will surely realize that we should not expect much to create a very good game. The number of Syberia 3 bugs are a lot but if you are looking for a mystery game for solving some puzzles , you can play this game and spend hours with it.

    Rate this article Review with Visty > Syberia 3

    (4.77/5) 30 rates


    Might pick this up

    23 december 2018 17:06

    wowgreat review

    26 december 2018 08:09

    good work but still time for better then that

    25 december 2018 02:46

    will look to play this game😊

    23 december 2018 13:15

    Brought back memories

    25 december 2018 20:43

    Very interesting game

    23 december 2018 09:01

    seems legit and authentic

    24 december 2018 04:16

    Nice legit article

    23 december 2018 07:58

    Great game

    23 december 2018 21:10

    Now you ARE visty! that's more like it!

    23 december 2018 08:30