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    Rate this article "Review with Visty > Omensight"

    (4.43/5) 99 rates
    Visty, 19 february 2019 15:15

    Review with Visty > Omensight


    The game Omensight depicts the  apocalypse , in which various societies and different creatures is fighting to each other and they are destroying the world.

    Producer Studio: Spearhead Games


    The main character , “Harbinger” is trying his best to examine the different aspects of this global chaos from different angles and to stop the important threats. Harbinger experiences the 24 hours of his life (before the end of the world) to die in many ways , and each time he looks at new parts of this massive chaos and goes to help various species. The story of Omensight is perfectly suited for creating an action platformer , and sometimes it also has a variety of appearances and graces that maybe we have not seen them in any games before.



    Gameplay of this game is a mix of platform movements with hack and slash campaigns , which will bring for you a pleasant experience but also has some issues. For example gameplay is very fun and challenging , and the speed control of the main character and the use of various powers of the characters throughout the game have provided a variety of satisfaction to the gameplay that makes Omensight a successful experience in this field. But controlling the main character of the game as he moves between different environments and crossing obstacles has many problems that make it difficult to pass through some environments.

    In general , the gameplay of Omensight can be described acceptable. Game campaigns are so different which can make player satisfied. Harbinger can collaborate with other friend characters during the struggles and create blended beauty blows. On the other hand during the game , a lot of powers are added to the Harbinger features that you can combine and use them to create a very exciting combo that will destroy your enemies.


    The game makers have tried to add some role playing and RPG elements to their game that unfortunately was not successful. Each time in the game , we are seeing a menu which we can promote a variety of capabilities related to the main character and his features. Perhaps the existence of such a system in an independent game similar to Omensight would be considered as a positive feature , but the maker's mistake in this section reveals when you face very small numbers of upgradable and personalizable options that actually make an inefficient upgrade system.


    Graphics and Music

    In the graphic design of Omensight , we are witnessing common art techniques that make the game looks amazing and of course very colorful. On the other hand , from the very early moments of the game that you enter into the main menu , you hear a beautiful music that , along with the visual content , has doubled the appearances of Omensight and gave it a certain artistic identity. In general , Omensight appears successful in the field of graphics and music and will bring a great experience for the players …

    Rate this article Review with Visty > Omensight

    (4.43/5) 99 rates


    this is sooo good game and graph is sooooo nice

    4 april 2019 16:17

    very interesting game

    4 march 2019 09:31

    a review with visty is always a bunch of interest, never disappoint me

    4 may 2019 05:12

    Like this game :)

    10 july 2019 19:39

    What is the point of the game?

    23 may 2019 01:05

    despues de haber leido esto me han dado ganas de probarlo

    12 may 2019 20:21

    Ну хорошо, статья не че так, в прнцапе играть можно!

    30 july 2019 15:00

    Nice article, I like this game.

    14 march 2019 00:08

    Good job and good work thanks

    23 february 2019 21:16

    The game itself isn't my cup of tea, but the article is nicely done. Approved.

    19 february 2019 15:32