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    Rate this article "Review with Visty > Mega Man 11"

    (4.73/5) 44 rates
    Visty, 30 january 2019 08:50

    Review with Visty > Mega Man 11

    Mega Man 11


    In all of the worlds , gamers know about Mega Man games and most of them at lest have played one of these series and enjoyed from it. In this article I will review Mega Man 11 which is the newest Mega Man game that CAPCOM Studios have brought for us …


    Producer Studio : CAPCOM

    As you have noticed , the Mega Man series has accepted many changes in its latest versions , which did not bring good enough experience for the fans. Replacing 3D modeling instead of two dimensional and classical models and setting to a major change in the gameplay which make so far from the good gameplay that fans expected like in the past. For this reasons , the best way to alleviate the memory of old fans experiences and most importantly , finding new fans was to find a familiar experience by referring to the original series and taking advantage of its classical style but also new and present.


    This title that uses the story , gameplay , and style of the old game of its entirety , and on the other hand , it seems to be trying to reach out to its rivals in the same style today. As a result , the Mega Man 11 game has become the best possible experience of the series in recent years. So that it can even be considered the best game made in the whole series. It also brings together all the strengths and features that it had in the past and adds a new experience with the addition of new features in its gameplay and graphics. CAPCOM has succeeded in making this title an excellent title , not just moving it away from its roots and make another action title with 3D modeling and graphics that none of Megaman's fans are interested in.



    Like old series , the story is about Robot engineering and construction competitions between Dr. White and Dr. Wiley. At the start of the game , with a flash back to the past (Related in Dr. Wiley's dreams) we see Dr. Wylie's has been rejected by other colleagues who are opposed to Dr. Wiley's new invention. Dr. Wiley has invented a new mechanism called Double Gear , which will multiplies robots power by adding to them , and believes that by increasing robot strength they can be more efficient. But other colleagues , including Dr. White , express their opposition to this idea and consider it a very dangerous act.

    Dr. Wiley , who has been opposed by his colleagues , left them and now he has been thinking of revenge after many years. In the game's opening cut , we can see Dr. Wiley entered Dr. White's lab and quitted after robbing a lot of robots. He intended to increase the ability of these robots by double acting mechanisms and make them more powerful. Now you as Mega Man who is the only survivor for Dr. White have the task of destroying Dr. Wiley’s robots and also eliminating the world threat.


    The new mechanism (Double Gear) , in addition to being the centerpiece of the story of the Mega Man 11 game , has made significant changes to its gameplay. Of course , there are no fundamental changes that keep the game away from its original series , in fact this new feather will help you in the hard and critical times and you can not ignore using this new ability.

    In the end , if you like Mega Man series (like me) do not ignore playing this game ; an interesting experience is awaits … 

    Rate this article Review with Visty > Mega Man 11

    (4.73/5) 44 rates


    This brings back old memories of playing on the game-boy. Glad to know they keep improving this genre. Nice article and great use of pictures.

    12 january 2020 19:21

    Simple, and good.

    13 august 2019 20:07

    Good game

    17 october 2019 22:27

    well done , its a great game but underrated.

    9 may 2019 13:29

    i like mega man my brother and sister and i love it! But i am confused of h=the name because he is a kid not a man

    5 may 2019 00:17

    very good game has many
    transformable character

    21 august 2019 06:34

    Mega Man main here!

    30 january 2019 22:20

    It looks plain but I think it will suprise players

    2 february 2019 11:35

    The review is spot on & the series is good. I liked it. I remember playing it everytime.

    30 january 2019 19:41

    Impressive article and nicely done, keep it up.

    31 january 2019 01:16