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    Rate this article "Gangstar - Gameloft's (failed) attempt at GTA"

    (4.31/5) 16 rates
    mixtape_maker, 30 january 2019 16:38

    Gangstar - Gameloft's (failed) attempt at GTA

    One of the many Gameloft's games is Gangstar Vegas - their take on an open world action action game, in which you, as a (how unexpected) gangster work your way up the underground by completing missions, killing and robbing people, racing and all kinds of other stuff that you would expect to see in a GTA game. Their newest take on it, Gangstar: New Orleans is no exception. While the game does improve on some of the things that Vegas lacked in,
    it still comes with it's own problems and faults.

    As with previous games, there is no information on who we play as, and throughout the story the character you play as stays quite neutral. We can only say a few things about your player - he's dirty, he has a beard, he likes pulling the trigger and is part of a mafia that is involved in bribing police and dealing drugs. The environment is odd, many people that appear while playing the story missions are unclear, shady guys that are easy to forget. The story itself is no different - you will find yourself going around the city doing all kinds of stuff for all kinds of people who you're supposed to recognize, but trust me when I say this : you won't. The amount of gangs and names that are mentioned as if you know who they are is massive, which only adds to the overall confusion. All in all, pretty (damn) bad execution of the story and the protagonist.

    The map is pretty bland and doesn't have a lot to it, there's not a lot of detail and everything from afar looks like a blurry mess. The missions are also repetitive and often have no correlation to the story: you drive to one place, you kill someone, you drive to somewhere else and kill a whole gang and then rush back. Rinse and repeat. 
    Shooting is actually pretty simple and well executed - which I can't say for the other parts of the game - along with the car chases.They will be the only thing that entertains you in this wannabe GTA game, as driving is also not bad and there are some ramps that you can use to help you escape.
    However, as I mentioned before, your view distance is REALLY limited and even fun police chases can turn into you raging out of frustration as a house suddenly rendered in front of you as you were down the road. It's almost as if the game is a reaction test while driving.

    Customization is one of the few things that are good about this game, as it is pretty cool to make private islands and custom painted cars

    Taken from the trailer, if only the game actually had more than a few moments like this..

    While there are some improvements to be seen from the last game of this franchise, some things have gotten even worse. The graphics aren't that great, the story and the correlating missions are pretty awful, the voice acting is meh, and only the driving and customization is good. The game is also pretty pay-to-play, but I'd be willing to let that slide if the game was actually good in the first place. 

    Summary: Gangstar: New Orleans would be the "Scary Movie" when comparing to "The Descent". 
    If you didn't get that, what I meant by that, is that it's a joke, a parody compared to an actually good open-world game like GTA or Mafia.
    The game is so good that I couldn't rate it in numbers, but I can in words: It's pretty bad.
    There's tons to be improved here. I recommend staying away from this franchise, at least until the next one comes out (assuming it would be better).

    While it is about gangs, I definitely wouldn't call it a "Star".

    Rate this article Gangstar - Gameloft's (failed) attempt at GTA

    (4.31/5) 16 rates


    failed atteampt ? its a mobile game man 🤔

    8 september 2019 12:59

    awp shoot good

    13 september 2019 21:47

    Not bad for a gta ripoff

    29 march 2019 11:45

    Not bad for a gta ripoff

    31 january 2019 16:40

    Not bad at all tbh

    18 march 2019 07:38

    GTA ripoff game but its on mobile.

    15 april 2019 17:21

    is this kinda gta or??

    31 march 2019 13:18

    not bad at graphic but gameplay is not so attractive, i think it is acceptable because it is for phones

    31 january 2019 16:26

    Ive Played it and its actually so good, but u need a lot of storage. Sick Game!! Defnitley A Succsessfull Game.!

    19 july 2019 14:53

    the graphic & texture of the game it's good enough for a normal standard of mobile gameplay. It could be more details & improvement of the game in the near future.

    24 april 2019 19:34