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    (4.42/5) 31 rates
    Visty, 31 december 2018 14:23

    Review with Visty > Gris



    If you want to experience a simple game but full of depression , hope , happiness , fear and beauty with impressive graphics I can offer you to play this game and enjoy from it …


    Producer studio: Nomada Studio



    Gris is the name of the main character of the game , the young girl who lost in her own world and struggles with the her big and painful problem she is struck. Throughout the game , Gris should try to overcome her fear and problems that she suffer from.
    Each of the strange things you encounter during the game actually represents the obstacles , the pleasures, the problems and many other things that come true in real life ; the game is similar to the life of many of us in the real world and that makes it easy to communicate with the main character even though she does not talk over the game. The story of this game is unique and meaningful story and it's also so beautiful to portray this story that you will be impressed …




    In general , Gris is so much like to the Journey , with the difference that Gris is a two dimensional platformer. As I said before , this title is not. Game makers have noticed that if the game become a bit more challenging or more complex , the player puts more focus on the gameplay and ignores what is going on , and so the player can not grasp the experience of the team maker. This simple gameplay makes the game easily impact the audience. The simple thing about this is that the gameplay does not put much challenge ahead of you ; there is not even a dying or a loss in the game. In addition , the gameplay does not include very wide and complex elements. However the gameplay is highly appealing and is not repetitive or tedious during the four hours playing of the game.


    Thanks to the great design , the platform is smooth and enjoyable and you can surf the game in a two dimensional environment with speed and beauty. Even the puzzles are easy to be solved and also so attractive. Over time and by passing steps , new features will open up that will help you in the platform and puzzle solving areas. Even the same capabilities are the strengths of the game because in addition to being interesting , these capabilities also show how Gris can overcome her life problems. In fact the gameplay plays an important role in expressing the story and the concept of the game. So as Gris gains new capabilities over time , it actually means that she will overcome her fears and regains her hope again.


    Chapters and Graphics


    The game is made up of several small chapters and occurs in different locations , from a lush forest to a deep ocean. All of these places are nicely shaped and beautiful. Cartoon and simple Gris graphics are another strengths. Thanks to the great artistic design and color variation , the environment is beautiful , colorful and dreamy. Even though the design of the main character is also simple , it has a special beauty ; a hairstyle that shows sadness and discomfort ; simple cups that show no antiseptic and even the hands and feet of Gris which are just a few simple black lines. This simple and unbelievable graphics creates a dream mode in the game , helping the game succeed in delivering its message to the audience and impact on them.




    The game's music is amazing and also so successful in conveying the exact sense and feeling to the player , which may make you several times to cry! Each moment , a different music that creates a different sensation in you , each one is shocking and really graceful of such a title. In addition , the sound effects of the game are designed with great care and the team has made great effort in making them.


    Gris proves that a simple game can be infinitely attractive and effective. The team has created a not so complicated but wonderful creation of a pure idea that can easily play with your emotions. Just four hours , you only need four hours to finish this game ; be sure it is worth to play.

    Rate this article Review with Visty > Gris

    (4.42/5) 31 rates


    This seems really cool.

    30 may 2020 20:31