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    (5/5) 2 ratings
    Mrdox, 29 november 2017 15:12

    Review Unravel

    A few of the games that are produced today and offer a different experience or a new idea and the puzzle game Unravel of the Swedish development team Coldwood Interactive and the deployment of EA is one of the experiences of this type of games that have received much attention since the disclosure at the last E3 as one of the surprises company EA, which is not much known for supporting this kind of games and today we offer you a review of the game.

    Through the adventure will play Yarny character is a ball of threads are able to move like humans and now have to explore the world around him and everything seems huge for this small character, a fact, although not explain the story of the game significantly but will live from this experience a lot of beautiful feelings throughout the adventure and right The development team provide an exciting experience without having to explain the story to the type of games it usually needs.

    Unravel is a game of puzzles and platforms where Yarny characters are used to advance the game by solving the puzzles that require you to use the strings to progress either by jumping and using the rope to swing or try to build a path to you through the threads and connect them to their platforms and the transfer of tools that help you to go beyond the high places and the withdrawal of elements environment The game to progress more, it will certainly begin puzzles easily and develop the difficulty as you progress more adventure.

    The idea is that the character Yarny uses the threads that make his body and the more you lose the length of the length of the game, the more you will lose. Thread so you have to be careful not to lose the entire thread before the end of the stage to lose, in addition to that there are enemies in the environment stages may spend you quickly.

    Although the team behind the game is not big and does not offer the game with the value of productivity in the size of huge games, but the style of graphics is very wonderful and the world of the game enchanting with beautiful music make you live with a lot of different emotions, at the technical level This game is distinct and will undoubtedly love the character of Yarny a lot even though it does not talk or add something to its story.

    The adventure is not long here and there are not many secrets to return to it and no group stages, and you may be bored quickly to the game to repeat the ideas somewhat adventure, the puzzles are solved in the same shape often, but the size of larger With the advent of adventure, some puzzles will take you some general thought and experience entertaining in many parts of them A game worthy of experience for fans of puzzles and slow to play.


    +Very nice drawings, lots of special puzzles and a charming experience with lots of elements in them

    - Repeat puzzles quickly and value the product with few hours of play



    Unravel is a puzzle game that offers a very nice experience with a lot of elements. At the end of it, you will actually feel that you have lived a thrilling adventure despite the lack of hours of experience.

    Rate this article Review Unravel

    (5/5) 2 ratings


    Love youre article. That my fave game!

    13 april 2020 16:41

    This is cool :)

    30 november 2017 14:04

    This game is nice

    1 december 2017 09:07


    7 february 2020 05:18